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  • 羽生PA(上り線):鬼平江戸処 
    Location: Tohoku Expressway (between Tatebayashi IC and Hanyu IC)
  • 岩見沢SA(上り線):イングリッシュガーデン 
    Location: Tōho Expressway (between Mikasa IC and Iwamizawa IC)
  • Scenery of Tokyo Bay Aqua Line
  • 長流川橋の風景 
    Location: Tōho Expressway (between the Snake Touhou Lake IC and Date IC)
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March 19
Niigata branch
【E8】北陸道(下り線)名立谷浜IC⇒上越JCT間夜間通行止め及び昼夜連続車線規制のお知らせ (第2報)(新潟支社)
March 19
Niigata branch
【E8】上信越道(信濃町IC~上越JCT間) 4車線化工事等に伴う通行止めのお知らせ(平成30年4~5月)(新潟支社)
Mar. 16
Hokkaido branch
【E5A】 Bagaru Expressway Asakura IC ⇔ Teinzu IC (both directions) Notice of daytime face-to-face traffic regulation due to renewal of Qianzhou IC (Hokkaido branch)
March 14
Hokkaido branch
We will start distributing "Hokkaido Drive Map 2018 Spring & Summer Edition" (Hokkaido branch office)
March 14
Kanto branch
【C3】 Tokyo Outer Ring Road (Outside) From Misato JCT 【E6】 Private Lamp ※ (First Lamp) to Joban Expressway will be opened on Wednesday, April 11, Heisei 30 (Kanto branch office )
March 12
Tohoku branch
【E4】 Tohoku Expressway "Arrow Smart Interchange" will be opened on Saturday, March 24 at 15 o'clock. (Tohoku Branch)
March 12
Tohoku branch
【E4】 Tohoku Expressway Yahagi Smart IC Sales Start Ceremony Notice (Tohoku Branch)
March 12
Kanto branch
【C3】 Tokyo Outer Ring Road (Inner Circle) Wako Kita IC - Beautiful Wood JCT Renewal Construction Day and Night Continuous Lane Regulation and Notice of Beautiful Wood JCT Entry Closure (Kanto Branch)
March 8
Niigata branch
On March 15th (Thursday) [E8] Hokuriku Expressway Namiya Beach SA (Down Line) conducted a traffic safety awareness campaign in the end of winter (Niigata branch)
March 7
Hokkaido branch
Highway in Hokkaido is free to get on and off with a fixed amount Even this year we will release the "Hokkaido sightseeing Furi Pasu" (Hokkaido branch office)
  • NEXCO East Japan Group introduction of technical products is here
  • 30th anniversary of Tohoku road
  • Ban Koshidō's 20th Birthday
  • [CA] AI traffic congestion prediction of the Tokyo Bay aqua line up line (demonstration experiment)
  • Tokyo Bay Aqua Line 20th anniversary - role played in the area and maintenance effect