East Nippon Expressway Company Limited

Expressway service



Chairman: Hiromichi IWASA, President & CEO: Hiroshi HIROSE

With our tenth anniversary reached in October 2015, NEXCO East Group engages in the operation and construction of expressways, rest area businesses, and other related businesses in the eastern part of Japan, including Tokyo from the Kanto region to Hokkaido, along with parts of Niigata and Nagano.

The expressways operated by NEXCO East Group extend some 3,840km in length and are used by approximately 2.8 million vehicles every day. As expressway professionals, we operate around the clock, 365 days a year, paying constant meticulous attention to every detail so that customers can use our expressways safely, reliably, comfortably, and conveniently. Our Group thoroughly familiarizes every one of our 15,000 employees with the awareness of “making safety the first priority,” and putting this into practice in their day-to-day tasks, so that the Group stands as one team to make every effort to ensure safety on expressways.

Our group has been effectively and steadily improving expressway networks that lead to the development of the regions they run through and the betterment of people’s lives. Over these last ten years, we have opened 496 kilometers of expressway, of which four routes – Doto Expressway, Joban Expressway, Kita-Kanto Expressway and Tateyama Expressway – have been fully opened. We also opened 11km of road on Ken-O Road in 2015, linking Tomei, Chuo, Kan-Etsu and Tohoku Expressway. Establishment of these networks has brought a diverse range of benefits, such as improvements in convenience, facilitating logistics and energizing regional economies. Likewise, as society is paying greater attention to safety with infrastructures aging, we have set out to implement a large-scale renewals and repairs of expressway structures in an “Expressway Renewal Project” to ensure safety and reliability. From here on too, we will strive to tirelessly advance construction work on Metropolitan Area ring roads such as Ken-O Road and Gaikan Expressway while also assuring prolonged lifespans of expressways.

We have also been establishing rest areas in four styles (area for essential services, Pasar, Dramatic Area and Themed Area) to enable regions to show off their unique features and specialties through the diverse services that they can offer in what we call “distinctive services”, and to develop a variety of businesses related to expressways to boost convenience to our customers.

Further, our Group has been taking measures in both hard and soft aspects, such as producing multi lingual traffic signs and brochures as well as providing sincere “omote-nashi” hospitality at rest areas, as steps to accommodate the rising number of overseas visitors to Japan.

Along with these actions, we are carrying out businesses overseas, exercising our abundant experience, technology, and know-how in planning, constructing, and operating expressways, which we have cultivated in Japan for many years. In March 2014, for the first time, we entered a road PPP project in India, as a trial. We are continuingly aiming to participate in other road projects outside of Japan in collaboration with Japan Expressway International Company Limited (JEXWAY), which we established in cooperation with other expressway companies.

Moreover, we are providing consulting services mainly to Asian countries on the construction and operation of expressways and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) as an ODA from Japan. Furthermore, we are contributing to the development of expressways worldwide by promoting international cooperation activities, such as dispatching our engineers abroad or providing technical guidance to trainees from abroad through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), as well as actively engaging in international activities, such as attending international conferences including the World Road Association (PIARC) and having a technology exchange agreement with ASFiNAG, an Austrian expressway company.

Based on our motto, “The best way for you”, we always put the customer first, pursue greater efficiency, and aim to be a corporation that does business in a fair and transparent manner. At the same time, we strive to provide services of high quality and expressways that continue to support people’s livelihoods and communities even in case of emergency.

Finally, we would like to express our continued gratitude for the understanding and support of all our stakeholders.