Outline of NEXCO-East Retail Co., Ltd.


DBA NEXCO-East Retail Co., Ltd.
Representative Yoshimasa Kumano, President and Chief Executive Officer
Number of employees 1,842 people (2019 March 31, 2010)
Address Address MOMENTO SHIODOME 8th floor 2-3-3 Higashishimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0021
Telephone Number 03-5405-7881
Capital amount 225 million yen (100% owned by NEXCO EAST)
Year of establishment April 8, 2008
Officer President and Chief Executive Officer Kumano Yoshimasa
Managing Director Kawada Satoshi
Managing Director Osamu Jokata
Auditor Nakamura Jotonori
Business Descriptions As a member of NEXCO EAST Group, it is a company that manages directly operated stores in service areas and parking areas.

NEXCO East Japan Retail Co., Ltd.'s compliance reporting / consultation service

Corporate Group

NEXCO EAST Logitem Co,. Ltd.