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Risk management

Risk management

We are working on risk management so that we can handle things in the right and prompt way 24 hours, 365 days.

We are building a risk management system and working on risk management to properly manage and operate social infrastructure such as Expressway and promptly restore from disasters and others.

Risk management system

In preparation for the occurrence of accidents, disasters, etc., NEXCO EAST has established a system that can respond promptly and appropriately, for example, by arranging the traffic control department 24 hours a day.

Regarding risks in business execution, while the department in charge takes measures, deliberates at the Board of Directors on the risks that have a major influence on the management, establishes the "Risk Management Promotion Committee", and conducts risk management based on the PDCA cycle We support implementation.

The committee identifies risk items that should be kept in mind for the time being, focusing on cross-cutting matters that involve multiple departments in relevant departments, and conducts monitoring mainly on these items.

Risk management system chart

Risk management system chart

Disaster prevention work plan and implementation of disaster prevention work

Expressway to protect from disasters such as earthquakes, Expressway "emergency action plan" for the purpose of social role of and, we have established a "disaster prevention business implementation rules" for its implementation.

Based on these, we are implementing information security system, helicopter operation, collecting and providing information at the occurrence of disasters, ensuring safety and restoration.

  • Disaster Prevention Business Plan: Designation of Disaster Countermeasure Basic Law NEXCO EAST Corporation, which is a public institution, has issued a "Disaster Management Plan" aimed at creating a disaster-resistant road.
Outline of disaster prevention work
  • Disaster prevention system and emergency assembly
  • Road traffic regulation
  • Supporting cooperation system
  • Information collection liaison system
  • Securing emergency road functions etc.
  • Emergency drills and internal education
  • Disaster preparedness
  • Public Relations Activities

emergency training

  • In order to ensure safety and security of customers on expressways, NEXCO EAST is carrying out training on management of countermeasures headquarters assuming accidents and disasters, and practical training in cooperation with related organizations.

    The photo on the right is October 6, 2011 Kan-Etsu Expressway It is the design of the comprehensive disaster prevention training conducted at Kanetsu Tunnel.

  • emergency training
    emergency training

Information Security

We have established rules on information security measures, established an operational framework for countermeasures, and continually implement security maintenance and improvement activities.

Regarding the protection of information assets, we take various measures to ensure the security of important information assets including personal information, and are striving to foster awareness throughout the entire group through information security training sessions.

We regularly check the implementation status of countermeasures, and make necessary corrections to ensure information security.