Evolving rest facilities (service area/parking area)

-The largest service area in East Japan, "Pasar Hasuda," was born-

The Tohoku Expressway Hasuda Service Area (SA) In-bound line has been moved to Tokyo for approximately 2.5km, and the parking space has been tripled and the commercial facility has been doubled in size compared to the old SA. Greatly expanded, NEXCO EAST was reborn as the largest rest facility.

The new Hasuda SA In-bound Line offers a variety of services to customers who use the Expressway as well as those who use it from nearby areas as "Pasar", the flagship brand of NEXCO EAST Commercial Facility. In addition to providing a wealth of services, it also has the function of a disaster prevention base to support the activities of related organizations in the event of a large-scale disaster such as an earthquake.

Tohoku Expressway Hasuda SA (In-bound line) photo
Tohoku Expressway Hasuda SA (In-bound line)

Relocation/expansion greatly improves customer safety and convenience

Former Hasuda SA (In-bound line) has a total of 173 parking lots, which is smaller than other rest facilities near the metropolitan area, and chronic congestion and vehicle retention were issues. Since it was difficult to expand due to site restrictions, we decided to relocate the entire In-bound SA to Tokyo for about 2.5 km (newly established) in order to solve the fundamental problem. We started surveying and survey design from 2011, and opened it as a new Hasuda SA In-bound line on July 29, 2019.

The new Hasuda SA In-bound line has approximately 3 times more parking space than the old SA In-bound line (127 large vehicles (20 buses priority) / 352 small vehicles / 7 trailers / 7 for people with disabilities (6 small, large (1 unit)), toilets are located at two locations, one for large car parking lots and one for small car parking lots. In commercial facilities, restaurants, food courts, cafes, bakeries, shopping to meet the diverse needs of customers・Twenty-two stores, including perishable goods and convenience stores, have opened, and the scale has doubled and renewed as one of the largest rest facilities in NEXCO EAST.

Photo 1 shows that the relocation and expansion greatly improve the safety and convenience of customers.
Photo 2 shows that the relocation and expansion greatly improve the safety and convenience of customers.
Photo 3 shows that the relocation and expansion greatly improve the safety and convenience of customers.

Hasuda SA with disaster prevention base function

In addition to promotion with areas along the line through SA and support for emergency medical care in the area, in the event of a large-scale wide-area disaster such as an earthquake directly under the Tokyo metropolitan area, a function is provided to provide a place to fire departments and medical institutions to support their activities. Is equipped. We have improved the function as a disaster prevention base by developing wells, helipads, and disaster prevention warehouses equipped with food and blankets.

Photo of Hasuda SA with disaster prevention base function

Further efforts to improve comfort and convenience

Shunsen Market Pictures
Seasonal selection market
General roadside parking lot photo
General road side parking lot
Shuttle bus photos
Shuttle bus

In this renewal, in addition to developing stores as a resting facility for Expressway, we aimed to make it a commercial facility that can be used by everyone in the community on a daily basis by taking advantage of the location environment close to the city. As an effort to achieve this, in order to meet everyday shopping needs, we are aware of the ingredients and side dishes of our daily dining table, and the fresh zone "Shunsen Ichiba", which is a store specializing in fruits, vegetables, meat, and fresh fish, is a Expressway rest facility. In addition to the introduction for the first time, a direct sales corner that handles agricultural products of local producers has been set up inside the fruits and vegetables specialty store to promote further collaboration with the area.

In addition, we have built a parking lot for 92 passengers that can be used from the public roads, and operate a free shuttle bus to and from JR Hasuda Station, which is a regional transportation hub.

Going forward, we will continue to work to improve the comfort and convenience of rest facilities by considering the location environment and needs for each area.