Expressway safety

We are watching the safety of Expressway 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Daily maintenance

NEXCO EAST Group conducts daily inspections and cleaning work in order to maintain a safe road environment, and systematically repairs roads so that they can be used safely and at any time. I will.

Photo of tap sound inspection of bridge
Tapping sound inspection of bridge
Photo of pavement repair work
Pavement repair work
Photo of mowing work on the slope
Mowing work on the slope
Photo of cleaning the lighting fixtures in the tunnel
Cleaning the lighting equipment in the tunnel

"Flowers and Greenery" Highway Garden® Project

Highway Garden Doo Road Pictures
Highway Garden® Doo Iwamizawa SA (Out-bound line) designed and supervised by a nearby garden facility

This is a project to transform the SA / PA orchard into an easy-to-use and comfortable space, and also to develop a "Highway Garden®" that aims to create a regional character and collaborate with the area. NEXCO EAST Group will continue to make improvements to provide customers with a more relaxing and relaxing space.

Road control center

Expressway consists of a "traffic control department" that grasps the road conditions of the expressway, responds to abnormal events and provides information to customers, and a "facility control department" that constantly monitors a wide variety of Expressway equipment. Is committed to providing a safe and comfortable Expressway.

Photograph of Kanto Regional Head Office road control center (traffic control section)
Kanto Regional Head Office road control center (traffic control department)
Photograph of Kanto Regional Head Office road control center (facility control department)
Kanto Regional Head Office road control center (facility control department)

Traffic management patrol

Regular or occasional Expressway patrol and traffic conditions such as traffic congestion, we collect the information, such as road conditions caused by falling objects. In addition, when an abnormal event occurs, you will be rushed to the site to remove fallen objects, so daily training is also important.

<2018 results>

Number of processing such as falling objects : Approximately 102,000
Traffic management patrol distance : Approximately 23,000,000 km (about one and a half laps / day of the earth)

Photograph of the situation of the site
On-site response
Pictures of the state of regulatory training
State of regulatory training

Guidance crackdown on vehicles that violate laws and regulations

Laws and regulations stipulate the maximum values of vehicle specifications that can be passed on the road and the items that can be loaded with dangerous goods when passing through long tunnels. In particular, overweight vehicles seriously affect the deterioration of road structures and may cause serious accidents in terms of traffic safety, so we strictly control them at entrance toll gates.

Photograph of the state of enforcement (vehicle pull-in)
State of enforcement (vehicle pull-in)
A photo showing how to check whether the traffic is proper
Checking whether the traffic is proper


NEXCO Support Co., Ltd. Niigata Nagaoka Traffic Management Office Member Naoto Shinada Photo
NEXCO Support Co., Ltd. Niigata
Member of Nagaoka Traffic Management Office
Naoto Shinada

We, the traffic control team, are able to respond promptly to all abnormal situations such as falling objects, broken cars, traffic accidents, etc. that occur on Expressway 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
The work done on Expressway can be a moment of misjudgment or hesitation, but it can put you as well as your customers at risk. For that purpose, we conduct daily training in various situations, aiming to improve the technology so that people can work calmly and safely and work safely under any circumstances. We will continue to maintain a strong sense of professionalism, prioritize customer safety, and strive to secure a comfortable Expressway space.