Improved convenience on Expressway

We are striving to improve convenience by enhancing fee services

Dissemination of ETC

In recent years, the spread of ETC has progressed steadily, and the ETC usage rate within our jurisdiction has reached approximately 90% (results as of March 2019).

Traffic congestion near the toll gates has been mostly eliminated compared to when the ETC was first introduced, but we will continue to strive to improve customer convenience so that customers can use our services safely and comfortably.

Image of interchange (main line tollgate)
Interchange (main line tollgate)
Image of smart interchange
Smart interchange

Implementation of various discount services

In addition to time discounts and mileage services that utilize ETC, tour-type discount products targeting ETC vehicles as an initiative to promote tourism in collaboration with the regionIs being sold.

Dorawari on sale (as of July 1, 2019)

Image image of Hokkaido Tourism Flypass
Hokkaido Tourism Fly Path
Image of Tohoku Tourism Free Pass
Tohoku sightseeing free pass
Image image of Gugutt Gunma Free Pass
Gugutt Gunma Free Pass
Shinshu tour free pass image image
Shinshu tour free pass
Image of Niigata sightseeing drive pass
Niigata sightseeing drive pass
Image of touring plan
Touring plan

Toll collection system

At the toll booth, we open lanes appropriately and try to respond promptly and politely. In the event of an accident or disaster, we also close lanes and provide information to ensure the safety of our customers.

At the same time as enhancing the fee service, we are developing a fee settlement machine to build an efficient fee collection system in the future.

(Number of maintenance: 149 tollgate / As of March 31, 2019)

Photograph of toll collection from customers (Sendai Kohoku Tollgate Yuri Kikuta)
Collect tolls from customers
(Yuri Kikuta, Sendai Kohoku Toll Gate)
Photo of charge adjustment machine
Charge payment machine


NEXCO Support Co., Ltd. Hokkaido Yakumo Tariff Division Mori Toll Office A photo of Yuki Fujishima
NEXCO SUPPORT Hokkaido Co., Ltd.
Yakumo Charge Division
Mori Toll Gate
Fujishima Yuki

Our motto is "bright, fun, and cheerful" when dealing with customers!

We listen to customers' voices and try to serve them from the customer's point of view, so that they can spend their precious time comfortably. I feel joy at the moment when I respond with a smile and come back with a smile.

With the spread of ETC and the development of charge adjustment machines, the number of opportunities for direct contact with customers has decreased, but even if the business is different from face-to-face collection, I think that customer service is the same.

We will share customer service and receipt skills with many employees to improve customer service.