Early recovery from disasters and quick response in an emergency

Early recovery from disaster in the first 2019 and quick response in case of emergency | NEXCO EAST

Cases of response to abnormal rainfall

During September-October 2019, a typhoon No. 15 landed and other storms caused by three storms and abnormal rainfall caused a wide range of traffic closures (Typhoon No. 19: approximately 2,200 km, etc.). Our company has urgently carried out the restoration work while announcing the publicity forecast and the forecast of the suspension of traffic in advance, and canceled the traffic suspension by the next day except for some cases.

October 25 Response to heavy rain disaster in Kanto and Tohoku (Ken-O Road)

Photograph of the state of the disaster
State of disaster October 2019
Photograph of the state of emergency recovery work
Emergency recovery work
A photo of the state that the emergency restoration is completed
Appearance of emergency restoration completed
October 26, 2019

At the time of a large-scale power outage due to Typhoon No. 15, there was a power outage for up to 370 hours (16 days) at up to 58 Expressway I canceled the road closure by the next day.

In addition, we implemented Expressway free measures for vehicles engaged in disaster dispatch, including disaster volunteers.

Photograph of operation of power supply car
Operation of power supply car
Photograph of maintenance of private power generation equipment
Maintenance of in-house power generation equipment

"Alternative road (free) measures" were implemented on the Ban-Etsu Expressway (Ono IC-Koriyama Higashi IC) parallel to National Road No. 49, which was closed due to the bridge subsidence and landslide caused by typhoon 19.

In addition, we supported the restoration of the disaster-stricken areas, such as by cleaning the national highways in the city of Mito, which were flooded by typhoon No. 19 and accumulated sediment.

Photograph of emergency restoration support (in Mibu-cho) of the river collapse area
Emergency restoration support for river collapse areas (in Mibu Town)
Photograph of road cleaning support (Mito city)
Road cleaning support (Mito city)