Initiatives for road construction business

For network maintenance and further function improvement

Photograph of Masafumi Mori, Representative Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer, General Manager of Construction Business Division
Representative Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer
General Manager of Construction Business Headquarters
Mori Masafumi

The Construction Business Headquarters will develop the road construction business with the aim of improving the Expressway network and further improving its functions.

Expressway network has been steadily improved, there are still missing links in the Tokyo metropolitan area and other areas, and in the severe constraints of urban areas, safety is the first priority in the completion of the network with the latest technology. We are promoting business toward

In addition, even in the completed Expressway network, it is required to further improve the functions from the viewpoint of safety, time reliability, ensuring redundancy, etc., and the "Safety on Expressway ・ We will steadily proceed while securing traffic on existing roads, such as making the provisional two-lane section into four lanes based on the "Safety Plan".

Furthermore, in order to promote the enhancement of local life and the revitalization of the local economy, we are working on the development of smart ICs, regional revitalization ICs, and rest facilities in collaboration with local governments.

Going forward, we will continue to prioritize safety, pursue quality and cost, and actively incorporate the latest technologies such as i-construction to improve productivity while striving to build more reliable roads.