Contributing to the development of local communities

We will steadily improve the Expressway network and contribute to the development of local communities.

Promotion of steady Expressway network maintenance

NEXCO EAST is developing a Expressway network in the Tokyo metropolitan area and a four-lane network. Since 2005, we have developed a network of 12 routes of 605km and 4 routes of 86km with 4 lanes.

Among them, in December 2018, 23.3 km of the Shioshido (Yoichi IC-Otaru JCT) and 24.4 km of the Tohoku Chuo SHIRIBESHI EXPRESSWAY (Nanyo Takahata IC-Yamagata Kamiyama IC) were opened on April 13, 2019. . We will continue to contribute to the development of the local community by steadily promoting the development of a network of 75 km on 4 routes and 4 lanes on 164 km on 6 routes.

Image of promotion of steady Expressway network maintenance

* Including temporary IC name


Tohoku Regional Head Office Sendai construction office Iwanuma construction area construction manager Yamada Denichiro's photograph
Tohoku Regional Head Office
Sendai Construction Office
Iwanuma Construction Area Construction Manager
Yamada Denichiro

I am involved in the 4-lane business of Joban Expressway as the person in charge of the site. NEXCO EAST I am delighted to be able to work in the position of the long-awaited construction manager of the technical staff, and I have a strong sense of mission in my daily work. The main section in charge is the construction of the Abukuma Bridge, which is a 534 meter long bridge. We have adopted a special construction method and there are many problems, but in order to create a high-quality road that is easy for customers to use, I would like to complete the construction step by step with our own guts, safety first.