Maintain safe and comfortable Expressway

Promoting four lanes and maintaining a safe and comfortable Expressway

4 lane efforts

Expressway 's provisional efforts to improve safety, reliability, and ease of use, such as speed reduction and traffic congestion elimination in two-lane sections, prevention of serious accidents such as jumping to the opposite lane, and reduction of the number of road closures such as construction As a business, we have a four-lane and additional lane installation business. In FY2018, 4 sections have been completed for some sections of Joshinetsu Expressway (Shinanomachi IC-Joetsu JCT) and Tateyama Expressway (Kisarazu Minami JCT-Futtsu Takeoka IC). In FY2019 as well, we will continue our four-lane business on the remaining sections of Joshinetsu Road and Tateyama Road, Ken-O Road, Joban Expressway.

In addition, in March 2019, based on the `` Ministers' Meeting on Emergency Inspection of Critical Infrastructure '', 4 sections of approximately 25km additional lanes will be installed as sections where there is a high possibility that the network will be disrupted, especially in sections where there are dangerous areas on the slope. Was commercialized. We will continue to work to strengthen the functions of the provisional 2-lane section.

Image of Tateyama Road Kimitsu IC-Futtsu Chuo IC 4 lane project