Initiatives for service area business

To provide more convenient and comfortable services

Photo of Ryuichi Hagiwara, Director and Managing Executive Officer, Head of Service Area Business Division
Director and Managing Executive Officer
Service Area Business Division
Ryuichi Hagiwara

In the service area business division, we will develop 199 commercial facilities such as “Pasar” and “YASMOCCA” in Expressway rest facilities (SA / PA), and Expressway asset utilization business. We are developing related businesses.

At SA / PA, we are systematically working on new construction, expansion / renovation, and renewal of commercial facilities so that customers can use them safely, securely, comfortably and conveniently. In addition, we aim to further contribute to the region by promoting the display of local show windows, developing local production for local consumption menus, and developing walk-in gates, as well as the development of duty-free shops, multilingual information for area concierges, and easy-to-understand pictogram markings. We will proceed with the production of SA / PA corresponding to.

Expressway related business, we will actively engage in various businesses that effectively utilize management resources, such as underpass projects and hotel businesses.