SA / PA comfort improvement

We are working to improve comfort for SA / PA that is kind to all customers.

Barrier free

In order to use SA / PA comfortably, we are working on making the facility barrier-free by adopting a universal design, eliminating steps in the facility, installing parking lots for people with physical disabilities, wheelchairs and writing boards. I will.

In the toilets, we are promoting the Westernization of Japanese toilets and installing hot water washing toilet seats and automatic faucets for hot water, large booths equipped with baby seats and small hand washers, children's toilets and ostomate compatible (artificial anus or artificial We have a sink and a handwashing area for those who have a bladder.

Photograph of parking lot for people with physical disabilities
Parking lot for people with physical disabilities
Photo of multifunctional toilet
Multifunction toilet

Maintenance of children / infants space

In order for small children and their families to use the Expressway comfortably, many SAs and PAs are equipped with a diaper changing space and a nursing room, and a hot water dispenser is installed.

Photo of Kids Space (Keiyo Road Makuhari PA (Out-bound Line))
Kids space (Keiyo Road Makuhari PA (Out-bound line))
Diaper changing space and nursing room (Joban Expressway Moriya SA (In-bound line) photo
Diaper changing space and nursing room (Joban Expressway Moriya SA (In-bound line)

Installation of quick charger

For customers who use electric vehicles, we are progressively installing quick chargers and are currently installing them in 149 locations *. We will continue to consider installation based on trends in the usage of quick chargers.
* As of July 1, 2019

North Kanto Expressway Mibu PA (Westbound) Pictures
Kitakanto Expressway Mibu PA (Westbound)

Duty-free shop development

We have set up a duty-free counter in the shopping corner to sell duty-free products, mainly food items that are popular with foreign visitors to Japan. We started operations at Daiei PA (upper and lower lines) on the East Kanto Expressway in September 2015, and are currently operating at 18 SA * PAs. Going forward, we will continue to make improvements to Large number of stores.
* As of July 1, 2019

Duty-free sale (photo of Joban Expressway Dotomobe SA (In-bound line)
Duty free sale (Joban Expressway Doyubu SA (In-bound line)

Multilingual guide

Information on the layout of SA and PA facilities, such as commercial facilities and toilets, is provided with international symbols in multiple languages (English, Chinese (Simplified / Traditional), Korean, etc.) and pictograms according to JIS standards.

In addition, we provide multilingual information using tablet terminals and portable translators for all information to improve convenience for foreign visitors to Japan at commercial facilities.

Pictogram marking pictures
Pictogram display
Photo of multilingual guidance using a tablet terminal
Multilingual guidance using a tablet terminal