Creating attractive SA / PA such as regional cooperation

We aim to create attractive SA / PA through collaboration with local communities

Creating a local show window

In order for customers to use SA / PA comfortably, we will work to improve basic service such as expansion of communication tools with customers and improve customer service level, discover local products, and cook dishes that can only be tasted there. We are working to “make a local show window” to provide local appeal by providing such services.

Local product support fair! (Higashi Kanto Expressway Wangan Makuhari PA (Out-bound Line)) photo
Local product support fair! (Higashi Kanto Expressway Wangan Makuhari PA (Out-bound line))
Moriya SA Yasai Village (Joban Expressway Moriya SA (In-bound line)) photo
Moriya SA Yasai Village (Joban Expressway Moriya SA (In-bound line))

Walk-in gate maintenance

We have installed pedestrian entrances from public roads at 92 locations * so that SA / PA can be used by local residents.
* As of July 1, 2019

Tohoku Expressway Chojahara SA (In-bound Line) Pictures
Tohoku Expressway Chojahara SA (In-bound Line)

Information transmission by free magazine

We publish a monthly magazine "Highway Walker" as a free magazine, which contains Expressway maps, driving and sightseeing information, information on SA / PA gourmet and souvenirs, and so on.

(C) Image of KADOKAWA / Highway Walker
© KADOKAWA / Highway Walker
(C) Image of KADOKAWA / Highway Walker
© KADOKAWA / Highway Walker

Holding a customer service contest

In order to improve our customer service skills at SA / PA, we regularly hold “customer service contests” for staff working at SA / PA.

The participating staff serve as a model for improving the customer service skills of the entire store.

A picture of the contest
State of contest
Pictures of the award ceremony
State of award ceremony

Holding a new menu contest

We hold a "New Menu Contest" every year where SA and PA tenants compete in the development of menus based on the theme. The theme for the 2018 convention is "#Photoge Meat (Nick)", and at the final competition in February 2019, Joban Expressway Michitomo SA (In-bound line) "Ibaraki melomero-wonderful Ibaraki" "Love with food" was awarded the Grand Prix.

Photo of the examination process
State of examination
Photo of 2018 Grand Prix menu
2018 Grand Prix Menu


NEXCO East Japan Area Support Tohoku Expressway Chojahara SA Information Chief Concierge Photo by Chie Kamada
NEXCO East Japan Co., Ltd.
Area support
Tohoku Expressway Chojahara SA
Chief concierge
Chie Kamada

We, concierges, do not have to do specific jobs, and there is no limit to what each customer needs to do differently every day. The work requires flexibility, application, creativity, and a wide range of knowledge.

It is the pleasure of us as a concierge to seek "high quality" for a wide variety of customers, always have objectivity, keep in mind high quality customer service including physical and mental management, and deliver emotions to our customers. Yes, we believe this will lead to growth.

We will make further efforts toward the Rugby World Cup 2019 Japan Games and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, including inbound response.