Efforts for technology development and overseas business

Next-generation Expressway realized with “utilizing technology”

Photograph of Kaoru Matsuzaki, Director and Managing Executive Officer, General Manager of Technology Division
Director and Managing Executive Officer
Technology Division Manager
Matsuzaki Kaoru

In the technology development department, we will promote research and technology development from the perspective of realizing SMH by improving inspections, improving traffic safety, advancing snow and ice countermeasures, and environmental conservation, as "technology for utilizing aging Expressway." We will continue to.

In addition, we will utilize the technological capabilities and know-how that we have cultivated up to now to contribute to the local community through public-private partnership projects and municipal infrastructure management projects, as well as opportunities for overseas business development, international cooperation, international exchange, international conferences, etc. We will continue to make use of it.

Furthermore, in order to ensure that these technologies will be passed down to the next generation, we will maintain and operate the NEXCO EAST Technical Center, which will be a place for training engineers required for research and technology development. I will proceed.