Utilization of "technology and know-how"

Contribute to local communities by utilizing "technology and know-how"

Participation in Earthquake Reconstruction Leading Project

From June 2012, we received an order for "Business Promotion PPP *" in some construction areas of the Sanriku Coastal Road, and provided guidance and coordination for operations such as surveying, surveying, design, and construction, as well as discussions and implementation with local and related administrative agencies. We carry out construction management and contribute to the earthquake recovery in the Sanriku coastal area. Following the Karakuwa Kobaraki IC-Rikuzentakata Nagabe IC (opened in March 2019), including the section in charge of our company, in February 2020, the Kesennuma Central IC-Kesennuma Port IC was opened.

  • Business Promotion PPP (Public Private Partnership): A project where the private engineer works together with the client and the public-private sector to carry out the pre-construction work such as consultation and adjustment that the client usually performs. We aim to promote our business by conducting efficient management while utilizing the technology and experience of both parties.
Image of Sendai River National Highway Office (Sendai City)
Photo of Kesennuma Bay Crossing Bridge (tentative name) under construction
Kesennuma Bay Crossing Bridge under construction (tentative name)

Straddling Expressway bridge (over the bridge) technical assistance in inspection

Utilizing knowledge and know-how regarding maintenance of road bridges, issues such as a shortage of engineers will be addressed through overbridge inspection work, planning repair plans based on damage diagnosis results, contract repair work, and holding bridge inspection tours. We will support the maintenance and management of the infrastructure of your local government.

Photograph of overpass bridge inspection by bridge inspection work vehicle
Overpass bridge inspection by bridge inspection work vehicle
Photograph of bridge inspection tour
Bridge inspection tour

Support for road management information by establishing the "Infrastructure Management Information Consortium"

Photograph of Infrastructure Management Information Consortium Founding General Meeting
Infrastructure Management Information Consortium Establishment General Meeting

"Road management information" that defines "road information data specifications" and "road information data exchange rules", which are the research results of the Strategic Innovation Creation Program (SIP) promoted by the Council for Science, Technology and Innovation established in the Cabinet Office We support the use of "expression specifications" and "common API specifications" in local governments. In addition, as an activity to further improve and disseminate the results through open innovation, we will provide new R & D opportunities and a place for exchanging information on technology and know-how through the "Infrastructure Management Information Consortium" established in October 2019. I will continue.