Environmental conservation initiatives

Environmental measures on Expressway

Use of energy-saving and highly visible lighting

By changing the lighting inside the tunnel from the conventional "high pressure sodium lamp" to "LED lamp", we are improving visibility and contributing to energy saving. So far, it has been installed in 301 tunnels, and in fiscal 2019, LED lamps will be installed in 33 new tunnels. It is estimated that the reduction in power consumption due to the change to LED lamps implemented so far is about 35 million kwh per year (about 19 thousand tons per year for CO 2 reduction).

We are also making efforts to further reduce power consumption, such as by introducing LEDs not only for tunnel lighting but also for road lighting.

Photo of high pressure sodium lamp
High pressure sodium lamp
Photo of LED tunnel lighting
LED tunnel lighting

Reduction of impact on roadside living environment

In order to reduce the impact on the roadside environment, we are taking measures such as noise countermeasures by installing sound insulation walls and maintenance of environmental facility zones.In fiscal 2019, we installed sound insulation walls of about 3 km, and the total length of installation is about 1,080. It is km.

Photograph of the sound insulation wall installed on the outer ring road (Misato Minami IC-Takaya JCT)
Sound insulation wall installed on the outer ring road (Misato Minami IC-Takaya JCT)

Forest formation that contributes to the prevention of global warming

On the Expressway site, we have planted trees in an area of about 3,700 ha by FY2019. The CO 2 absorption and fixation effect of these forests is estimated to be approximately 39,000 tons per year.

NEXCO EAST properly manages the green infrastructure including these forests.

Photograph of the initial planting situation
Initial planting situation
Photograph of aged green space management status
Aged green space management status

Reducing the impact on the natural environment

Photograph of biotope explanation to elementary school students (near Akiruno IC on the Ken-Ken-O Road Expressway)
Explanation of biotope to elementary school students (near the Akiruno IC on the Ken-Ken-O Road Expressway)

We carry out eco-road maintenance activities and eco-experiential learning, and work on greening activities and biotope conservation work in cooperation with local people.

Promotion of environment-friendly "eco Inter ®" and "eco Area ®"

At IC and SA / PA, based on the active introduction of energy-saving electrical equipment, measures to improve the efficiency of heating and cooling in buildings and the development of "environmentally friendly" facilities that utilize renewable energy such as solar power generation. Is proceeding.

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