Overseas business development

We are expanding our business overseas by utilizing the technology and know-how of the Expressway business.

Entry into overseas road management business

NEXCO EAST established a representative office in India in 2010, where large-scale road development is expected, and is collecting information for business entry. Positioned as a trial entry into the road PPP business in India in March 2014, it is a special purpose vehicle (SPV: Special Purpose Vehicle) that conducts a 4-lane widening project (toll road conversion) on National Road 9 (between Pune and Sorapur). We acquired about 9% of the stock of the company and made preparations for full-scale entry. Since April 2017, Cube Highways (Cube Highways and Infrastructure Private Limited) has been conducting technical advisory work related to research and design of the Indian toll road rest facility business, and is considering the development of the rest facility business. I will. Furthermore, in December 2017, we formed a consortium with Mitsubishi Corporation and Overseas Organization for Transportation and Urban Development (JOIN) Co., Ltd. to jointly hold a 20% stake in Indian road PPP operator Cube Highways. Acquired and reached a basic agreement to enter the toll road operation business in the country. After that, Japan Expressway International Co., Ltd. (JEXWAY) also joined the consortium, and in December 2018, the stock acquisition of 5 routes (extension of about 520 km) was completed (routes (1) to (5) below) It was a new entry.

In the future, we will proceed with discussions and adjustments to acquire shares on other routes, and will work to improve this business and increase added value by implementing technology advisory services.

Image of toll road business (as of April 2019) under entry
Toll road business under entry (as of April 2019)
Image of Cube Highways' investment structure
Structure of investment in Cube Highways
Photo of Jaipur Mahua Tollways ((1) above)
Jaipur Mahua Tollways ((1) above)
Photo of Western UP Tollways ((3) above)
Western UP Tollways ((3) above)

Implementation of ODA consulting work

We are conducting research, planning, and technical support in the fields of roads, bridges, tunnels, and ITS that contribute to "quality infrastructure exports" promoted by Japan in developing countries.

Photo of local engineer guidance (India) for sustainable mountain road development capacity enhancement project
In the Sustainable Mountain Road Development Capacity Enhancement Project
Local engineer guidance (India)
Photograph of traffic congestion situation in Bengaluru city (India)
Traffic congestion in Bengaluru city (India)
Picture of accepting training for overseas engineers
Accepting training for overseas engineers
Photograph of on-site instruction in road bridge technical capacity enhancement project (Myanmar)
On-site guidance for road bridge technical capacity enhancement project (Myanmar)

International cooperation

Through JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency), one long-term expert on construction and maintenance of Expressway is dispatched to India and Myanmar (as of April 2019). In Japan as well, in fiscal 2018, we accepted about 100 overseas trainees from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and JICA.

Photo of a JICA expert stationed in India (second from left)
JICA expert stationed in India (second from left)
Photograph of a JICA expert stationed in Myanmar
JICA expert stationed in Myanmar (Speaker on stage)

International exchange

Since April 2008, we have been conducting exchanges with ASFiNAG, a Expressway company in Austria, for technical improvement. In fiscal 2018, young employees of our group visited ASFiNAG in Austria to visit the site and exchange opinions on various topics related to Expressway.

Photograph of exchange meeting with ASFiNAG (Austria: June 2018)
Exchange meeting with ASFiNAG (Austria: June 2018)

International conference

Through participation in international academic conferences, we collect and disseminate information on Expressway technologies around the world. In 2018 and 2019, engineers from our company and our group companies participated in the PIARC International Winter Road Conference (Poland), ITS World Congress (Denmark), and IRC (Indian Road Association) Concrete Pavement Seminar (India). We have sent out a wide range of information overseas about our technologies and know-how.

Photograph of paper presentation at IRC concrete pavement seminar (India: January 2019)
Paper presentation at IRC concrete pavement seminar
(India: January 2019)