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【Construction and Technology Development Project】
A way to the next generation that creates with technology and makes use of technology

A way to the next generation that creates with technology and makes use of technology

Masanori Yokoyama, Director and Managing Executive Officer Construction and Technology Division

Managing Director and Senior Executive Officer
Director-General of Technology and Construction Department
Masanori Yoke

At the Construction and Technology Headquarters, we will realize the provision of safe, secure, comfortable and convenient Expressway services with "creating technology" and "utilizing technology".

The construction business will continue to realize network construction of Expressway and improvement of functions such as completion of the missing link including the Tokyo metropolitan area, the formation of four lanes and the development of smart ICs and rest areas. We will pursue safety, quality, cost and productivity with the top priority on safety creation technology that we have cultivated so far, and we will work on creating more reliable roads.

In addition, we will promote research and technology development from the viewpoints of realization of SMH, improvement of traffic safety, advancement of snow ice countermeasures, environmental preservation, as "technology to make use of Expressway which is aging".

Furthermore, at NEXCO EAST, in order to reliably inherit these "creation technologies" and "utilize technology" to the next generation, the engineers necessary to promote research and technology development We will promote various necessary efforts, such as establishing "NEXCO EAST general technical center" to be a training place.