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Creating a workplace environment where you can feel "rewarding" and "satisfaction"

Creating a workplace environment where you can feel "rewarding" and "satisfaction"

Promoting life-work balance

NEXCO EAST Group Then, in order to create a company where each employee can live a healthy life, work with peace of mind, work comfortably, promote diverse and flexible work styles, promote appropriate working hours, and maintain employee health・ We are working to support improvement and to improve life-work balance.

Main initiatives

In addition to annual leave and special leave, we are promoting life-work balance by enhancing the system for childcare leave and creating an environment where employees can work with peace of mind while balancing their home and workplace.

【Various leave system】

Childcare leave Until the day when the child reaches the age of 3 for child rearing
Partial leave Within 2 hours a day until the child reaches the beginning of elementary school for child rearing
Maternity / postpartum vacation When an employee gives birth, 6 weeks before birth, 8 weeks after childbirth
Spousal delivery time leave Within 3 days if spouse gives birth
Childcare participation vacation If a spouse gives birth, within 5 days to raise the child who gave birth or the child before entering elementary school
Nursing vacation For nursing of children up to the third grade of elementary school, it can be obtained in 1 hour increments within 5 days of each year (within 10 days for 2 or more people)
Nursing special leave Acquired within 5 days of each fiscal year for care recipients (10 days for 2 people or more) in 1 hour increments
Nursing care leave Total of 186 days or less for the care of the care recipient
Close with spouse In order to live with a spouse who works in a foreign country etc, within 3 years

Occupational health and safety

NEXCO EAST Group The basic philosophy that forms the basis of occupational safety and health activities was established in April 2013, and this philosophy is shared throughout the Group.

We established the "Occupational Safety and Health Promotion Committee" to promote the prevention of dangers and health problems such as employees at NEXCO EAST and to promote the formation of a comfortable work environment and to contribute to the improvement of the level of safety and health, In addition to preventing health hazards such as health problems such as promoting health promotion, we are trying to analyze causes of occupational accidents and prevent recurrence.

NEXCO EAST Group Occupational Safety and Health Basic Philosophy

NEXCO EAST Group recognizes that ensuring the safety and health promotion of all persons engaged in the business of the group constitutes the basis of the project implementation and recognizes that the group is a safe and comfortable working environment We will strive to maintain and improve.

Employee health management

NEXCO EAST In order to maintain and improve the health of employees, the headquarters /Regional Head Office To support employee health management.

In addition, we have been working on mental health countermeasures, which have become a problem in recent years, and implemented training by rank that reflects the results of stress checks, and prepared and implemented action plans for workplace environment improvement based on the results of group analysis. We are making positive efforts such as

Maintaining sound industrial relations

In order to build a good work environment and human relations in the company, we believe that sound labor-management relations are fundamental, explain the management policy etc. to the labor union regularly from the company side, exchange labor and management opinions " We hold deepening mutual understanding, such as holding a Management Discussion Meeting.

Promotion of women

NEXCO EAST In order to create a company / workplace where women can be more active, the “Project for Promoting Women's Activeness” has been launched, and the Group has established a women-only rest room in the office as a group. We are promoting manufacturing.

In addition to registering with the “Ricochale Support Organization”, a company with abundant science and engineering fields that the Gender Equality Bureau of the Cabinet Office plays a central role, and holding a company briefing meeting for only science and engineering female students For example, actively hiring women, recruiting, hiring and developing human resources, realizing a life-work balance, improving the work environment, reforming employee awareness and behavior, and in-house public relations strategies. We examine and implement effective measures from five perspectives.

NEXCO EAST Number of female employees among new hires

NEXCO EAST Number of female employees among new hires

NEXCO EAST Percentage of women in employees

NEXCO EAST Percentage of women in employees

(Reference: 2009 = 291 / 2,247)
(Reference: 2019 = 366 / 2,192)

"General employer action plan based on next generation law"
"General employer action plan based on the Act on Promotion of Women"

Human resource development

In order to materialize the management vision of the group and to improve the professional and management skills of the entire group, we have formulated the "NEXCO EAST Group Human Resources Development Basic Program" and are working on nurturing diverse human resources I will.

OJT, off-JT, and self-development support are the three pillars of human resource development, and are developed in conjunction with job rotation. In addition to new employee training, the Group conducts about 800 courses annually that clarify the image of human resources required by rank and business, and is also working to train specialists to improve engineers and technical capabilities. Because of the new NEXCO EAST Established General Technology Center.

In addition, we have introduced a personnel evaluation system that emphasizes transparency, fairness, and satisfaction in order to achieve compatibility between employee motivation and performance improvement. Evaluation results are used not only for guidance and training of employees but also in employee treatment.

Emergency telephone experience (Road Control Center)

Emergency telephone experience (Road Control Center)

On-site training for new employees (NEXCO EAST General Technology Center)

On-site training for new employees (NEXCO EAST General Technology Center)

Task · Diet & Esplus Activity

NEXCO EAST Group Implements “task diet & esplus activities” as an implementation-based business improvement activity that each employee voluntarily engages in, and holds a presentation every year for the purpose of improving the motivation of employees who are engaged in the activity. The

Activities began in fiscal 2006 and so far more than 7,300 improvements have been reported.

State of the 2018 presentation

State of the 2018 presentation