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Promoting smooth business based on sound, fair, transparent and sincere business relationships

Promoting smooth business based on sound, fair, transparent and sincere business relationships

Legal compliance and procurement with fairness, transparency and competitiveness

Efforts to ensure proper procurement

  • Requesting self-control of sales activities related to procurement and thorough contact prohibition

    We ask volunteers to participate in bid participation and refrain from marketing activities related to individual ordering conditions and conduct ethics education not to contact employees.

  • Thorough management of information on procurement procedures

    For undisclosed and undisclosed information such as contract limit prices and ordering schedules, we implement information security measures to ensure thorough prevention of information leakage.

Establish and implement a procurement system that ensures fairness, transparency and competitiveness

  • General competitive bidding and comprehensive evaluation Principle of successful bidding method

    The method of competition contract is based on general competitive bidding in principle, and by adopting the method of determining the highest bidder as a comprehensive evaluation bidding method, we realize procurement superior in quality and price.

  • Procurement Procedure, Publication of Information on Procurement Results

    Based on the “Act on Promotion of Public Construction Bidding and Contract Optimization”, we publish procurement information on construction and the average successful bid rate of major construction works.

Efforts to strengthen bid monitoring function

  • Establishment of bid monitoring committee and bid monitoring unified secretariat

    We have established the "Bidding Monitoring Committee" for each Regional Head Office and received deliberations by external experts on the circumstances of the bidding contract procedure and the status of the review.

    We have also established a "bid monitoring and unified secretariat" to conduct preliminary and posterior assessment of bidding contract procedures, collect and analyze data, and make efforts to optimize procedures and report the review status to the bidding watch monitoring committee .

Responding to antisocial forces

We will resolutely respond to antisocial forces and organizations that pose a threat to civil society. Specifically, we set up an "unfair request-prevention liaison council" in cooperation with each police headquarters and violence expulsion center etc. for each Regional Head Office , establish a communication system to the police and share information within the council, We respond with the following policy.

  1. "Do not fear illegitimate request groups", "Do not put money on illegitimate request groups", "Do not use illegitimate request groups" are practiced.
  2. Unfair demands by unfair demand organizations are refused.
  3. Establish a cooperative system that cooperates closely with related organizations and coalesces.