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To promote corporate activities that respond to social demands

To promote corporate activities that respond to social demands

Ethical Code of Conduct

NEXCO EAST Group The ethical code of conduct consists of the “Basic Principles of Corporate Behavior” as corporate behavior principles and the “Our Action Guidelines” as executive principles of officers and employees.

Also, as a criterion of judgment about the action to take, I posted [four judgment standards when I get lost], and personal handy cards are created and distributed to all employees.

  • Corporate Behavior Basic Policy
  • Our action guidelines
    • (1) Compliance with Rules
    • (2) Human Respect
    • (3) Relationship with Customers
    • (4) Relationship with Business Partners
    • (5) Relationship with Shareholders and Investors
    • (6) Relationship with the Society
      "Responsibility to the local community / Conservation of road assets / Response to antisocial forces / Responsibility to the international community"
    • (7) Relationship with the Environment
    • (8) Relationship with Employees

Ethical Code of Conduct

Four criteria for getting lost

Compliance system

NEXCO EAST has established a compliance promotion system with the president as chief executive officer and the Operation Audit Office oversees the compliance of the entire group.

(1) Compliance Committee

NEXCO EAST Group In order to ensure that all executives and employees of the Company comply with laws and regulations, internal rules, and the Code of Ethics, and that they always act with a high level of corporate ethics and social common sense, we will discuss and consider important matters related to compliance throughout the Group. We have established a committee that includes experts.

(2) Compliance promotion meeting

In order to deliberate on the status and plans of compliance promotion activities in the Group, we have set up a meeting consisting of all heads of the division.

(3) Compliance promotion manager

NEXCO EAST Therefore, in order to independently work on compliance promotion activities at each workplace and each company at a group company, a compliance promotion manager has been established. In addition, we regularly hold meetings attended by those responsible for compliance promotion to share information, coordinate communications and exchange opinions regarding compliance promotion.

(4) Compliance reporting / consultation counter

Based on the Whistleblower Protection Act, NEXCO EAST In addition, internal and external reporting / consultation counters have been set up for each group company, and by operating them appropriately, it is possible to detect and resolve compliance issues at an early stage so that the company's self-cleaning functions effectively. do my best.

Compliance system

Information Security

NEXCO EAST establishes rules and measures for countermeasures against information security measures and continues to maintain and improve security in the management of information within the company and maintenance and operation of information systems.

  • Regarding the protection of information assets, we take various measures to ensure the security of important information assets including personal information, and are striving to foster awareness throughout the entire Group through information security training sessions.
  • We are trying to counter threats such as cyber attacks.
  • We regularly check the implementation status of countermeasures and make necessary improvements to ensure information security.

"Information security basic philosophy"