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We are raising funds for the steady progress of the Expressway business

We are raising funds for the steady progress of the Expressway business

Procurement of Expressway construction funds

NEXCO EAST , toll fee income received from customers is used for maintenance of Expressway and provision of various services, as well as payment of rental fee to Expressway organization.

On the other hand, funds necessary for the construction and renewal projects of Expressway are raised through the issuance of corporate bonds and borrowing from financial institutions.

Funding procurement

Funding procurement

Initiatives for stable funding

NEXCO EAST Emphasizes dialogue with financial markets, Expressway In addition to providing timely information such as the status of the opening of the company, individual investors are visited to explain the business scheme, characteristics of corporate bonds issued by the Company, funding plans, etc. NEXCO EAST We are striving to contribute to the development of investment plans for investors.

Explanation at Investor Seminar

Explanation at Investor Seminar

Acquisition of the same rating as Japanese government bonds

NEXCO EAST Has obtained ratings from the Rating and Investment Information Center (R & I), Moody's Japan (Moody's), and the Japan Credit Rating Agency (JCR), and strives to help investors make objective investment decisions. All of these rating agencies have credit ratings equivalent to Japanese government bonds.

  • Rating and Investment Information Center (R & I) (issuer rating) ............... AA +
  • Moody's (issuer rating) …… A1
  • Japan Credit Rating Agency (JCR) (Long-term Issuer Rating) .................. AAA

Obtained third-party evaluation as “social finance”

NEXCO EAST Is a social finance based on the social bond principle established by the International Capital Market Association (ICMA)Expressway The company's first third-party evaluation was obtained from R & I.

Social finance is a means of raising funds that aims to be applied to businesses that solve social issues.

Funds raised so far Expressway By contributing to the business, we have contributed to regional revitalization, disaster prevention, traffic safety promotion, environmental conservation, etc. We will continue to make social contribution activities in accordance with the purpose of this system.