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We use opinions and requests from customers to provide higher quality services

We use opinions and requests from customers to provide higher quality services

Status of customer's voice

Customer center has telephone and NEXCO EAST About 1,200 inquiries are received every day through the inquiry form (email) on the portal site.

In fiscal 2018, we received approximately 440,000 opinions and inquiries.

As a recent trend, there are an increasing number of inquiries about “Dorawari”, which offers ETC-driven travel deals.

NEXCO EAST The Customer Center will continue to strive to provide higher quality services with the customer first.

The opinions and requests we receive are shared and analyzed by the entire group, including the management team, and are used to improve customer service.

Trends in number of reception (total for fiscal year)

Cycle to make the most of customer feedback

Expressway Renewal project (Tohoku Expressway Fukushima Nishi IC-Fukushima JCT)

Examples of improvements based on opinions and requests received from the Customer Center are introduced as "Approaches Utilizing Customer Feedback". For more informationHere

Parking lot contact prevention measures (Tohoku Expressway Tsurusu PA (In-bound line))

As you rub the body to curb at the parking lot of Tsurunasu PA In-bound , I want you to manage somehow.

Before improvement

After improvement

Obtained 3 stars for 7 consecutive years at an external evaluation center of a call center

Received the highest rating for seven consecutive years since 2012 in the “Iphone Desk Contact Rating Survey” of HD (I Help Desk Institute), which ranks contact center response quality and ease of connection ★★★ (three stars) I won.