Creating a workplace environment where you can feel "motivation" and "satisfaction"

Promotion of life-work balance

NEXCO EAST Group, each employee can help maintain and improve their health and enhance their life-work balance in order to create a company where each employee can live a healthy life, feel secure, have a rewarding and comfortable work environment. I am working on it.
In addition to annual leave, special leave, and childcare leave, we have created an environment where employees can work with peace of mind while maintaining a balance between home and work.

Promotion of life-work balance Image of major initiatives

[Various leave systems]

Childcare leave Until the child reaches the age of 3 to raise the child
Partial closure Within 2 hours a day for the upbringing of children up to the 3rd grade of elementary school
Prenatal / Postnatal leave If the employee gives birth, 6 weeks before childbirth and 8 weeks after childbirth
Maternity leave Within 3 days if spouse gives birth
Childcare participation leave If the spouse gives birth, within 5 days to raise the child who gave birth or a child before elementary school
Nursing leave For nursing children up to the 3rd grade of elementary school, it can be obtained in 1 hour increments within 5 days each year (or within 10 days for 2 or more children)
Nursing care special leave Up to 5 days each year (10 days for 2 or more people) can be obtained in 1-hour increments for caring for care recipients
Nursing care leave 186 days in total due to caring for a person requiring care (can be acquired separately up to 3 times)
Closed accompanying spouse Within 3 years to live with a spouse who works abroad etc.

Work style change

NEXCO EAST uses telework as one of the measures to contribute to diverse and flexible working styles.
Taking measures against the new coronavirus as a trigger, we distributed tablet terminals to employees in the new employee training to make it fully web-based, and are working to further promote telework.

Occupational health and safety

NEXCO EAST Group In April 2013, we established the basic philosophy that forms the basis of occupational health and safety activities, and we share this with the entire Group. NEXCO EAST Established the Occupational Safety and Health Promotion Committee to prevent dangers and health hazards for employees and promote the creation of a comfortable working environment, and contribute to the improvement of safety and health standards. In addition to preventing health problems and maintaining and improving health, we are working to analyze the causes of occupational accidents and prevent recurrence.

NEXCO EAST Group Occupational Safety and Health Basic Philosophy

NEXCO EAST Group recognizes that ensuring the safety and promoting the health of all persons involved in the Group's business is the basis of its business implementation, and as a whole, it aims to create a safe and comfortable working environment. We will strive to maintain and improve.

Maintaining and improving employee health

NEXCO EAST, we have set up a “health counseling room” where nurses with the qualifications of psychological counselors are stationed at headquarters and Regional Head Office to support the health management of employees. In addition, we have been working on mental health, which has become an issue these days, from an early stage.We carry out training for each rank that reflects the results of stress checks, and prepare and implement an action plan for improving the work environment based on the results of group analysis. Etc. are actively engaged.

Promotion of healthy management

          Image image of promotion of health management

Our company has been recognized as a "Health Management Excellent Corporation 2020 (Large-Scale Corporate Division)" because the "Health Management Excellent" initiative is recognized as excellent in the Health Management Excellent Corporation Certification System implemented by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Japan Health Council. It has been.


Maintaining healthy labor relations

          Photograph of labor-management management conference
Labor-management management conference

We believe that sound labor-management relations are fundamental to building a good working environment and human relationships at the company, and the company regularly explains the management policy to the labor union and exchanges opinions between labor and management. We are deepening mutual understanding by holding management meetings.


Promotion of active participation by women

We have introduced a system that contributes to the promotion of women's success, such as a job return system and special measures for employees' work locations. In addition, we are actively hiring female employees by creating pamphlets that feature active female employees, and by registering as a “Ricochare Support Group” by the Gender Equality Bureau of the Cabinet Office.

"General business owner action plan based on next-generation law"

"General business owner action plan based on the Women's Achievement Promotion Act"

Female engineer site visit/exchange meeting

          Photograph of a female engineer on-site visit
A scene of a female engineer site visit

In order to promote the success of women working in the construction industry, our company makes it easier for women to work, such as improving their technical capabilities and building mutual networks, through site tours and exchanging meetings for Tohoku Expressway renewal work and Joban Expressway 4-lane construction work. Aiming for a work environment.



Photograph of Yumiko Watanabe, Manager of Improvement Department, Sendai East Management Office, Tohoku Regional Head Office
Tohoku Regional Head Office Sendai East Management Office
Improvement manager
Yumiko Watanabe

I am responsible for pavement and slope repair work, and it is a very important task for the safety and peace of mind of our customers.
Since 2019, we have been holding field trips and exchanging opinions with the cooperation of external female technicians for the exchange of female engineers. I have received a lot of inspiration from women's worries, advice, and motivation for work. I would like to aim for a work environment where I can work like myself, regardless of gender.

Human resource development


In order to embody the management vision of the group, also, in order to improve the professional capabilities and management capabilities of the entire group, "NEXCO EAST Group to develop a human resource development basic program", it is committed to the development of diverse human resources you.
Including new employee training, along with the training carried out for about 730 courses per year for the entire group, which was to clarify the human resources image to seek to another level-specific and business, because of the technology's development that can respond to a variety of technical issues, "NEXCO EAST Research Center "the was opened in March 2020. (See P21~22)

Global Mind Training Photo
Global mind training
Photo of on-site training for new employees (NEXCO EAST Technical Center)
On-site training for new employees (NEXCO EAST Technical Center)
Photo of follow-up training for new employees
Follow-up training for new employees

Task diet & splus activities

          Introduction of improvement cases with improved visibility of color cones (Photo from NEXCO Support Hokkaido Co., Ltd.
Introduction of improvement examples that improve the visibility of color cones (NEXCO Support Hokkaido Co., Ltd.)

NEXCO EAST Group is implementing "task diet & s plus activities" as an implementation-type work improvement activity that each employee voluntarily engages in. It is held.

The activity started in fiscal 2006, and more than 8,000 improvement cases have been reported so far.

Photo of the presentation in 2019
State of the 2019 presentation