Maintenance of an appropriate system

Corporate governance

NEXCO EAST has established an internal control committee to enhance corporate governance and execute business properly and efficiently. Compliance system , Risk management system We are working to improve the internal control system, such as by building

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Risk management

Regarding business execution risk, NEXCO EAST will take measures in the department in charge while deliberating at the Board of Directors on risks that will have a major impact on management and establishing a “risk management promotion committee” to comply with the PDCA cycle. We support the implementation of risk management.

The committee identifies the most important risks that have a large impact on management, centering on cross-cutting issues that involve multiple departments, and monitors these items as the main targets.

In particular, in 2020, as a response to the new coronavirus infection, launched a task force the president a "new type of coronavirus headquarters" on January 30, on the same day, Regional Head Office, office, in subsidiary Has set up a “Countermeasures Headquarters” and the entire group is working together on measures.

As a response to an unknown infectious disease that we have never experienced, we established a new coronavirus infection preventive measure guideline as a preventive measure for both customers and employees who are in contact with it, thoroughly wash hands and wear a mask, and A society where the government's "Basic Correspondence Policy for Countermeasures against Infectious Diseases of New Coronaviruses" is required while carrying out infection prevention measures such as grasping the health status of the family members, establishing a communication system, and working from home and working at staggered hours. In order to maintain its function, we are working to maintain and maintain the Expressway which is essential for ensuring the stability of national life and economy, so that we can use it safely and safely.

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