Sound, fair, transparent and honest transactions

Achieve procurement that ensures legal compliance and fairness, transparency, and competitiveness

Efforts to ensure proper procurement

  • Requests for refraining from sales activities related to procurement and thorough prohibition of contact

    In addition to requesting bidders to refrain from sales activities regarding individual ordering conditions, we also provide ethics education to employees so that they will not be contacted.

  • Thorough management of information related to procurement procedures

    For undisclosed information and undisclosed information such as contract price limits and order schedules, we have implemented information security measures to prevent information leakage.

Build and implement a procurement system that ensures fairness, transparency, and competitiveness

  • General competitive bidding and general evaluation successful bid method

    The competitive contract method is generally competitive bidding, and the method of deciding the winning bidder is the comprehensive evaluation bidding method, thereby achieving procurement with excellent quality and price.

  • Publication of information regarding procurement procedures and procurement results

    Based on the "Law concerning the promotion of bidding for public works and the adequacy of contracts", we announce procurement information for works and the average successful bid rate for major works.

Efforts to strengthen the bid monitoring function

  • Establishment of bid monitoring committee and bid monitoring unified secretariat

    A "Bid Monitoring Committee" has been set up for each Regional Head Office, and the background of the bidding contract procedure and the examination status are examined by external experts.

    In addition, we have set up a "Bid Monitoring Unified Secretariat" to conduct pre and post examinations of bid contract procedures, collect and analyze data, strive to optimize the procedures, and report the examination status to the Bid Monitoring Committee. .

Response to anti-social forces

We will resolutely respond to antisocial forces and groups that pose a threat to civil society. Specifically, we set up an "unjustified demand prevention communication council" in cooperation with each police headquarters and violent expulsion center for each Regional Head Office, establish a communication system to police and share information within the council, We have the following policy.

  1. Practice "Do not be afraid of unjust demanding organizations", "Do not pay unjust demanding organizations", "Do not use unjust demanding organizations".
  2. Unjustified requests by unjustified organizations will be refused.
  3. Establish a cooperative system with close cooperation with related organizations.

Promotion of information security

NEXCO EAST recognizes that important information assets such as personal information are constantly exposed to various threats, and is continuously promoting information security measures to ensure the safety of the information assets we hold. I will.

  • We have established rules regarding information security measures, established an operational system, and continuously carry out information security activities including maintenance and improvement.
  • We take physical, human, and technical measures to ensure safety against threats such as eavesdropping, intrusion, falsification, and leakage of information assets.
  • We continuously provide education and training to those who use information assets to raise awareness of information security measures.