Promote corporate activities that meet the needs of society

Formulation of ethical code of conduct

NEXCO EAST Group 's Code of Ethical Conduct consists of the "Basic Corporate Behavior Policy", which is the principle of corporate behavior, and the "Our Code of Conduct," which is the principle of corporate officers and employees.

In addition, we have posted the [4 judgment criteria for when we are uncertain] as a judgment standard when we are uncertain about what we should do, and we also create personal portable cards and distribute them to all employees.

  1. I. Basic Corporate Behavior Policy
  2. Ⅱ. Our Code of Conduct
    1. Compliance with rules
    2. Respect for humans
    3. Relationship with customers
      "Attitude toward customers / Protection of personal information"
    4. Relationship with business partners
    5. Relationship with shareholders and investors
      "Responsibility to shareholders and investors / disclosure of information"
    6. Relationship with society
      "Responsibility to the local community / Preservation of road assets / Response to antisocial forces / Responsibility to the international community"
    7. Relationship with the environment
    8. Relationship with employees
Image of NEXCO EAST Group Logical Code of Conduct
Image of 4 judgment criteria when you get lost

Compliance system

NEXCO EAST has built a compliance promotion system with the president as the chief executive officer, and all officers and employees of the NEXCO EAST Group comply with laws, internal regulations and ethical code of conduct, and at the same time maintain high corporate ethics and good social decency. We take action and practice actions that are in line with the Group's management philosophy and management vision.

In addition, the Business Audit Office controls the compliance of the entire group.

  • Compliance Committee

    NEXCO EAST Group has established a committee that includes outside experts as members in order to deliberate and consider matters related to compliance promotion activities in order to practice actions in compliance with compliance.

  • Compliance promotion manager

    NEXCO EAST has a compliance promotion manager, etc. to independently work on compliance promotion activities at each workplace and group company, and holds regular meetings to share information on compliance promotion, coordination, and opinions. We are exchanging.

  • Compliance report / consultation counter

    Based on the Whistleblower Protection Act, NEXCO EAST and each group company have internal and external whistleblowing / consultation offices. We are working to ensure that the self-cleaning function of the product works effectively.

Compliance promotion activities

The Company carries out the following promotion activities with the aim of establishing and fostering compliance awareness among officers and employees.

  1. Dissemination of information on compliance

    We distribute "Compliance Manual" that summarizes laws and regulations, company rules and ethics related to compliance to all employees, and strive to distribute various information and raise awareness by operating "Compliance Bulletin Board" and "Compliance Support Service". I am.

  2. Holding of compliance training and seminars

    With the aim of permeating and raising awareness of compliance, we continually hold training and seminars and e-learning, and regularly hold seminars by outside instructors in an effort to raise awareness.

  3. Conducting compliance awareness surveys


  4. Compliance promotion month setting

    The Group has set October as "Compliance Promotion and Strengthening Month" and is implementing various initiatives such as delivering top messages from the president.

Image of compliance lecture
Compliance lecture