Solving social issues in collaboration with local communities


NEXCO EAST 's CSR activities

Image of the realization of the Group Management Philosophy and Management Vision

NEXCO EAST Group formulated CSR activities and the "CSR Declaration" in February 2014, with the key words of "connecting regions and connecting with the region" in order to realize our management philosophy and vision. Is underway.

In March 2019, we reviewed the medium-term management plan and made it clear that we will contribute to the SDGs through our business. (See P15~16)

We believe that our business activities themselves will lead to fulfilling our corporate social responsibility, and we will continue to contribute to the development of society based on the idea of being a company in society.

CSR promotion system

The CSR Promotion Committee, which is chaired by the officer in charge of CSR, deliberates on activity policies and issues and establishes a system for promoting activities.

We also hold seminars on the theme of SDGs and are working to raise employee awareness of CSR.

Image of CSR system diagram
Photo of CSR Promotion Committee
CSR Promotion Committee
Photograph of CSR Seminar (Lecturer: Masahiko Kawamura, Director of San Messe Research Institute (Sinc))
CSR Seminar (Lecturer: Mr. Masahiko Kawamura, Director of San Messe Research Institute (Sinc))


Tohoku Regional Head Office photo of Aomori management office director Matsuzo Sakamoto ※ coverage of the time Title
Tohoku Regional Head Office
Aomori Management Office
Sakamoto Matsukura
*Job title at the time of interview

The Aomori Management Office is promoting collaboration with Hirosaki University and other regions through the “Flower and Green Yasugi Highway Garden® Project” and “Biotope Conservation Activities”. In addition, in the Tsugaru SA building, we have set up a regional cooperation space (nickname: connected) for holding regional events and transmitting tourist information on Aomori.

"Connected" is the word Tsugaru (Tsugaru) with the word "na" meaning "you" in the Tsugaru dialect. We would like to create such a space that connects the regions, connects with the region, and also connects the "you" who greet the Expressway and the "you" who welcome them.