Community support during natural disasters

2019 for our regional support to the typhoon No. 15 and Typhoon No. 19 disaster

From September to October 2019, typhoons No. 15 and No. 19 caused severe damage mainly in eastern Japan. Based on the disaster situation in each region, we provide regional support to the disaster areas as follows.

Road surface cleaning on general roads, etc.

In four municipalities (Mito City, Hitachiota City, Hitachi Omiya City, Daigo Town) in Ibaraki Prefecture where support was requested, a total of 104 support vehicles such as sprinklers and sweepers and access to the Expressway for a total of 15 days We removed soil and debris from general roads and cleaned the road surface.

In addition, we collected and discarded straw and cleaned the road surface on some roads in Shiroishi City and Murata Town, Miyagi Prefecture.

Photo of straw recovery
Pictures of straw disposal
Road cleaning photos

Material support, etc.

After the recovery, the Tohoku Regional Head Office consulted with local governments along the railway line to provide local support, including providing our disaster supplies (emergency food, drinking water, etc.) to local governments in the Tohoku region.

Implementation office support
Fukushima Management Office Provision of office supplies (emergency food, drinking water, etc.) to Motomiya and Nihonmatsu
Sendai East Management Office
Sendai Construction Office
Set up a deputy director as a contact point to provide support to the severely damaged Marumori Town and provide water to Shinchi Town
Iwaki Management Office
Iwaki Construction Office
Supporting the provision of 1,200 liters of drinking water to Iwaki City
Photograph of donation to Motomiya City
Donation to Motomiya City
Photograph of donation to Nihonmatsu City
Donation to Nihonmatsu City

Tourism promotion support

For the purpose of reconstructing tourism in the Minamiboso region, which was greatly damaged by the disaster, we concluded a "Minamiboso tourism reconstruction partnership" with four cities and one town in the Minamiboso region. The two sides will work closely together to widely spread the appeal of tourism resources in the region, thereby promoting tourism recovery and regional revitalization. Dorawari with Expressway within the tour area of Minamiboso is free to get on and off, discounted admission fees for nearby tourist facilities, and special benefits available at Expressway 's SA / PA. Minamiboso Tourism Support Free Pass Was released.

Image of the tour area

As the first tourism reconstruction event, at the Tohoku Expressway Hasuda SA (In-bound line), a tourism PR event "Chiba Demiteru." Is aimed at the reconstruction support and tourism promotion of Chiba Prefecture, which was severely damaged by the disaster. Was held in collaboration with Chiba Prefecture.

At the event, local characters in Chiba gathered together to carry out sightseeing PR of each local government, etc., as well as PR of Minamiboso sightseeing support free pass, stamp rally, lottery, fair corner, etc. .

We plan to continue the second event, campaign, public relations, etc.

Photograph of sightseeing promotion support
Photograph of sightseeing promotion support

Toll free measures

Based on the request from each prefecture, we are implementing free measures for disaster dispatch dispatched vehicles and volunteer vehicles. * Some prefectures have finished free measures.

About free measure of Expressway disaster volunteer vehicle with Typhoon 19 disaster in 2019