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We will develop a new approach (high-luck collaboration) in which Expressway and social welfare cooperate

We will develop a new approach (High School Collaboration) in which Expressway and social welfare work together.

What is Kofuku-Renkei activities ?

Takafuku cooperation logo mark

Inspired by “agricultural welfare collaboration”, which is a collaboration between agriculture and welfare, Expressway We call happiness and welfare in cooperation with welfare Kofuku-Renkei activities . (Trademark registration in March 2019)

By collaborating with SA / PA beautification and planting, it is an opportunity for people with disabilities to play an active role. Expressway We aim to contribute to the revitalization of local communities.

Similar activities such as outsourcing part of the work to welfare organizations and paying for people with disabilities, selling products manufactured by welfare organizations, and providing them as learning opportunities for students at support schools Is being developed as a unified initiative of the Group.

Background of Kofuku-Renkei activities​ ​

NEXCO EAST Group So far, as part of efforts to revitalize local communities, we have carried out activities in cooperation with local welfare organizations (environmental improvements for rest facilities, traffic safety initiatives, etc.).

Hokkaido in 2017 Regional Head Office In the jurisdiction Expressway And the welfare cooperation was named “Takafuku Collaboration” and sent to both inside and outside the company. With this as the starting point, the same kind of activities will be undertaken with a sense of unity throughout the company from 2018, and the name `` Takafuku Collaboration '' will be implemented in order to make the activities widely known both inside and outside the company. .

The Takafuku partnership that promotes diversity also contributes to the SDGs goal 10 “Eliminate inequalities among people and countries”.

Kofuku-Renkei logo mark

Takafuku cooperation logo mark

Expressway The person is placed on the top, our company on the right and our partner on the left, supporting each other.

It looks like a plus (+) and has a design reminiscent of improvement.

  • Service area beautification activities (Mt. Usuzan SA)
  • Snow statue making and traffic safety PR (Yamagata way Kushibiki PA)
  • Vocational experience of support school students (Joban Expressway Moriya SA)
  • Beautification activity of expressway bus stops (Hokuriku Expressway Daegumi PA)

Current deployment (as of the end of July 2019)

  • All of Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Niigata Regional Head Office Activities are underway in the jurisdiction
  • So far, 16 offices and 40 unique activities have been carried out

Specific examples of Kofuku-Renkei activities​ ​

  • Manual beautification activities such as mowing and weeding in SA
  • Environmental maintenance activities such as decorations such as SA
  • Adoption of flowers cultivated in welfare facilities in flower beds
  • Sales of products manufactured at welfare facilities at SA
  • Expressway Bus stop cleaning activities
  • Implement a series of operations from sunflower cultivation to seed harvesting at SA etc.Fukushima Sunflower Foster parent projectExternal link: Another window displayParticipation in