Expressway business framework

The Japan Highway Public Corporation, which was founded in 1956, was privatized along with the other road related public corporations, on October 1, 2005, Expressway company six companies and independent administrative institution Japan Expressway holding and debt repayment mechanism (hereinafter referred to as "Expressway mechanism") was born.

Image image of the framework of the Expressway business 1
Image image of framework of Expressway business 2

We, in the East regional Expressway performs construction and renovation projects, Expressway along with the hand over the assets and liabilities to the mechanism, Expressway was borrowed from the mechanism Expressway by the management of assets, Expressway to the mechanism Expressway We are paying asset rent (hereinafter referred to as "rent").
Expressway business, profits are not included in the toll setting of Expressway Toll revenue is used to repay debt through rent to the Expressway Organization, as well as maintenance Expressway