Group long-term vision 2025 and medium-term management plan

Challenging and striving to achieve what we want

Photograph of Yasushi Kobayashi, Director and Managing Executive Officer, General Manager of Corporate Planning Division
Director and Managing Executive Officer
Corporate Planning Division
Yasushi Kobayashi

NEXCO EAST Group has positioned the four-year period from fiscal 2017 to fiscal 2020 as a "medium-term management plan (challenge and leap forward in order to realize the ideal vision for the future)" toward the realization of the Group Long-term Vision 2025. FY2017-FY2020)” in 2017, and based on the five basic policies for fulfilling our social mission, we have implemented the business as a group.
In 2019, two-lane expressway section and that there are a number of Expressway run reverse of, challenges and to incursions such as the diversification of the pedestrian-bicycle, corresponding to the Gekijin of the broad-based, simultaneous multiple specific wind and flood damage, Expressway In order to further strengthen the functions of, the "Safety and security implementation plan for Expressway" was formulated based on the "Safety and security basic plan for Expressway" formulated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
To steadily promote each of the measures formulated in the "Safety and Peace of Mind Implementation Plan" and to achieve the Medium-Term Management Plan, the final year of which will be 2020, create the "connecting" value set out in the Group Management Vision and make it possible for all stakeholders. The NEXCO EAST Group together as one, aiming to grow as a contributing corporate group.

Photograph of Expressway renewal project (Kan-Etsu Expressway Water IC-Yuzawa IC)
Expressway Renewal Project (Kan-Etsu Expressway Water IC-Yuzawa IC)
Photograph of Joban Expressway 4 lane construction
Joban Expressway 4-lane construction
Photograph of Tohoku Expressway Hasuda SA (In-bound line) completion ceremony (July 2019)
Tohoku Expressway Hasuda SA (In-bound line) completion ceremony (July 2019)

Group long-term vision 2025

NEXCO EAST Group has outlined in the "Group Long-Term Vision 2025" what 2025 will look like 20 years after privatization, in order to further enhance the corporate value of the Group and continue to fulfill its mission.

A company trusted by the people
~ Reliable

Companies needed by customers
~ Required

Companies that meet the expectations of local communities
~ Responsible

A company recognized by the international community
~ Recognized

A company where employees feel rewarding
~ Rewarding

(Formulated in May 2014)

Formulation of safety and security implementation plan

Based on the "Safety and Security Basic Plan on Expressway" formulated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, we formulated the "Safety and Security Implementation Plan on Expressway" on December 20, 2019.
In this plan, in order to improve the safety, reliability and usability of Expressway, we have established specific measures for the following items.

(1) Elimination of the provisional 2-lane section

  1. Promotion of systematic 4-lane
  2. Promotion of temporary safety measures for 2-lane sections

(2) Evolution of Expressway corresponding to innovations such as autonomous driving

  1. Road space maintenance for autonomous driving
  2. High-speed truck transportation efficiency

(3) Realization of the safest Expressway world

  1. Intensive measures at accident-prone points
  2. Countermeasure against reverse running

(4) Dramatic improvement in network reliability

  1. Minimization of road closure times in the event of a disaster
  2. Minimize the impact of construction regulations
  3. Snow and ice measures
  4. Congestion measures
  5. Measures against deterioration of structures
  6. Sophistication and efficiency of maintenance management process

(5) Improvement of usability based on customer needs

  1. Improved usability of rest facilities
  2. Improved convenience of highway buses
  3. Response to foreign tourists visiting Japan
  4. Strengthen access to areas through smart ICs, etc.
  5. Traffic operation according to local traffic conditions

"Safety and security implementation plan on Expressway "