NEXCO EAST Group Corporate Philosophy

Group Management Philosophy

NEXCO EAST Group supports the development of local communities and improvement of living by maximizing the effects of Expressway, contributing to the revitalization of the Japanese economy as a whole.

Image of Expressway effects, development of local communities and improvement of living, and vitalization of the Japanese economy as a whole

Group management vision

NEXCO EAST Group will grow as a company that creates value that connects and contributes to all stakeholders in order to realize a rich society that transcends regions, countries, and generations.

Group management vision "Connect" Image of value creation

Group management policy

  • We will put customers first and improve safety, security, comfort and convenience.
  • Under fair and transparent corporate activities, we will utilize our technology and know-how to contribute to society and transmit accurate corporate information.
  • By pursuing endless efficiency and making optimal use of management resources, we will improve customer service and corporate value, and carry out sound management.
  • We value the spirit of challenge by emphasizing the efforts and results of each employee.
  • Promote CSR management that contributes to all stakeholders such as "customers", "communities", "international society", "people", "environment", "shareholders / investors", "business partners", "employees", etc. I will.