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NEXCO EAST Group Corporate Philosophy

NEXCO EAST Group Corporate Philosophy

Management Philosophy of the Group

The NEXCO East Nippon Group is dedicated to supporting the communities, improving their lives, and revitalizing the entire Japanese economy by optimizing the effects of the expressways.​ ​

Expressway Effect, development and livelihoods of local communities, revitalization of the entire Japanese economy

Management Vision of the Group

The NEXCO East Nippon Group is determined to grow as a company that contributes to a lot of stakeholders, aiming to create the value of 'connect' for a society that is well-off beyond regions, countries, and generations.​ ​​ ​

Group management vision "create value" creation

Management Policy of the Group

  • Thinking customers first, we will improve safety, security, comfort and convenience.
  • Under fair and transparent corporate activities, we will contribute to society by demonstrating our technology and know-how, and also to transmit accurate corporate information.
  • We pursue endless efficiency improvement and optimally utilize management resources to improve customer service and corporate value and to conduct sound management.
  • Emphasize each employee's efforts and achievements, and value the spirit of challenge.
  • Promote CSR management that contributes to all stakeholders such as "customers", "community", "international society", "citizen", "environment", "shareholders / investors", "business partners", "employees" I will.