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Medium-Term Business Plan (FY2017 - FY2020)

Overview-Five basic policies and priority plans-

【1】 Provide safe, secure, comfortable and convenient Expressway service
  • Provide Expressway services that customers can use with confidence by giving top priority to safety
    · Promotion of Expressway renewal project
    · Realization of SMH (Smart Maintenance Highway) and ensuring asset soundness
    · Strengthen disaster prevention and reduction
    · Reduction of traffic accidents
    · Suppression of Vehicle Restriction Order violation
    · Sophistication of countermeasures against snow and ice
  • Steady promotion of function enhancement to improve Expressway network and smart use of Expressway
  • Development of comfortable and convenient Expressway service based on customer's needs
    · Secure smooth traffic
    · Fulfillment of information provision such as route selection (Utilization of ETC 2.0 data)
    · Expansion of efficient and convenient tariff service
    · Planned implementation of new establishment · extension / remodeling · obsolete renewal of commercial facilities
    · Maintain and strengthen gas station sales organization, develop rapid charger
  • Creating Expressway that pursue quality, cost, and productivity with the highest priority for safety, and that can be easily maintained
【2】 Contribution to local communities and inbound / response to environmental conservation
  • Contribution to the local community
    · Tourism promotion · Great East Japan Earthquake reconstruction support
    · Expressway development in cooperation with the area
    · Technical support for municipalities
  • Inbound, Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic
  • Promotion of environmental conservation
【3】 Promotion of technological development contributing to society
  • Technology development that leads to sophistication and labor saving of operations with safety as a top priority (Utilization of ICT, AI, IoT, big data, etc.)
    · Technology development for realization of SMH, traffic safety, advanced measures against snow and ice
    Utilization of new vehicle technology
    (Study on utilization of automatic driving technology)
    · Promotion of technology development through development and utilization of NEXCO EAST Technology Center
【4】 Reinforce profitability of related business
  • Improve customer service and corporate value by optimum utilization of management resources and strengthen profitability by further improving efficiency
    «SA · PA business»
    · Implement measures to improve the attractiveness of SA · PA
    · Efficient management of commercial facilities
    «Other business»
    · Strengthen profitability of developed business
    · Utilization of unused land
    · Creation of new business
    · Promotion of overseas business
[5] Strengthen management capabilities of the entire group
  • Pursuit of sophistication of group management
  • Internal control, human resources securing / training, productivity improvement, etc.
    · Further strengthen and enhance internal control system
    · Promoting the creation of an environment in which employees can secure and nurture talent, and can feel "rewarding" "satisfaction"
    · Improvement of on-site response capabilities etc. through the development and utilization of NEXCO EAST Technology Center
    · E-Shokuba making campaign (Promotion of health management) · Promotion of female success
    · Optimize work and promote improvement of productivity
    · Improvement of corporate brand

Financial plan

Expressway business

【Profit and loss plan】

Expressway Received from customers based on agreement with PMDA Expressway From fee income Expressway Payment of road asset rent to repay the debt held by JHF and necessary Expressway Steadily manage.

Profit and loss plan

* 1 On March 26, 2019 Expressway Planned value (excluding tax) of the agreement concluded (changed) with the Organization

【investment plan】

About mechanical assets * 2 Expressway Based on the agreement with the Organization, Misato South-Takaya JCT, Oizumi JCT-Central JCT), Yokohama Loop South Line (Karashiya JCT-Totsuka), Joban Expressway New construction / renovation business such as 4-lane business Expressway We plan to invest approximately ¥ 2.2 trillion in repair projects such as renewal projects.

With regard to corporate assets, we plan to invest approximately ¥ 120 billion for toll collection machines, maintenance of ETC equipment, and aging and renewal.

investment plan

* 2 Road assets to be handed over to the Expressway organization after completion

Related business

【Profit and loss plan】

By optimizing the use of management resources, we will improve customer service and corporate value as well as enhance efficiency by further improving profitability, and aim for operating income in the final fiscal year (fiscal 2020) of ¥ 2.9 billion.

Profit and loss plan

【investment plan】

Related business assets such as new establishment, expansion / renovation, aging and renewal of commercial facilities, and NEXCO EAST We plan to invest approximately 44 billion yen in common business assets such as the establishment of a general technology center and system replacement.

investment plan

※ The outline of privatization and Expressway business scheme"Expressway Business Framework "Please refer to.