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About "cooperation of comprehensive disaster prevention drills"

On November 26, 2016(Sat), I cooperated in the implementation of comprehensive disaster drills organized by Iwanuma-shi, Miyagi prefecture.

Emergency area e-mails and publicity training by radio, triage (*), emergency relief training, and evacuation by the neighborhood association (voluntary disaster prevention organization) using the evacuation staircase of Sendai-Tobu Road and various training were carried out.

Of these, training using the evacuation staircase at Sendai-Tobu Road was carried out at two places out of the three places installed in Iwanuma city, and approximately 160 local residents as a whole participated in the training.

On the day of the training, employees of the Sendai East Management Office were placed on each evacuation stairs, and explained how to use the access fence (kick break type). In addition, we asked that we want you to be careful enough that there are cars traveling at a speed of 100 km / h and that there is no contact accident with cars after evacuation that there is a main line just beside the evacuation destination. .

People who participated were struggling to evacuate in order to defeat the entry prevention fence (kick-off type).

We will continue to actively participate in disaster drills conducted by local municipalities and will inform residents of how to use the evacuation staircase and warning notices.

(*) To prioritize according to urgency of allowance when a large number of patients come out at the same time due to a major accident or disaster