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We received an appreciation letter from Central Community Chest of Japan

On September 6 (Wed), we received a letter of appreciation from the social welfare corporation Central Community Chest of Contributions. The Central Community Chest Of Fund donation gives the total amount (100%) of donated disaster relief money as a donation to the affected people through the donation distribution committee established by disaster prefectural administration.

Since FY2015, we have received donation money from employees and customers, including the company group, for corporate donations to the victims of typhoon No. 18 in 2015, Kumamoto earthquake in 2016, typhoon No. 10 in 2016 We donate a total of 31,115,504 yen as a donation money. Thankfully for this activity, I got a letter of appreciation now.

Afterwards, at a meeting with the Vice Chairman of the Central Community Chest Session, Mr. Arakawa General Affairs and Accounting Headquarters introduced "Social Contribution Activities at the time of disaster through Expressway projects" etc.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the customers who cooperated and wish for the quick recovery of the disaster area.

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  • Letter of thanks