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Governor of Hokkaido, thank you letter of appreciation from the local economic organization
~ Quick restoration of the Dongdo Expressway and implementation of alternative route (free) measures ~

As an alternative route for National Highway No. 274 (Hikkatsu Pass) suffered by typhoon No. 10 in August last year Doto Expressway We received a letter of thanks from Harumi Takahashi and other local economic organizations for supporting the local economy and life.

This is due to the unprecedented heavy rain disaster disrupting the highway network and railways, including Hibiki Pass, Doto Expressway In 24 hours from the start of the restoration work, the city closed the road and secured the only land route that links the Central and Eastern areas, Doto Expressway As a free route with the alternative route was implemented, the traffic linking the Doo zone and the Doto zone used by more than 2 million units was secured, and it was presented for achievements that supported the way people's lives and the economy within the province. .

At the presentation ceremony held at the Hokkaido Government Office, the head of the Ohkoshi Regional Head Office is encouraged more than anything else for the employees and stakeholders who recovered at the work site, the role as "the way of life" played by the road Doto Expressway will remain the same " We continued to demonstrate our commitment to maintain safe and secure Expressway .

  • Hokkaido [Nov 1 (Wed)] Takahashi Harumi presented by Hokkaido Governor (right)Regional Head Office Chief (middle) Nakamura Obihiro management office head (left)
    Hokkaido 【November 1 (Wednesday)】
    Harumi Takahashi Presented by Hokkaido Governor (right)
    Okoshi Hokkaido Regional Head Office manager (middle) Nakamura Obihiro General Manager (left)
  • Hokkaido Economic Federation [November 9 (Thu)] Kento Takihashi Presented by Chairman of Hokkaido Economic Federation (left) Ryosuke Kobayashi Managing Director (right)
    Hokkaido Economic Federation [November 9 (Thu)]
    Presented from Chairman Takahashi Kenichi Hokkaido Economic Federation (left) (left)
    Ryozuke Kobayashi Executive Director (right)
  • Hokkaido Chamber of Commerce and Industry Federation [November 14 (Tue)] Takeda Iwata Presented by the Chairman of Hokkaido Chamber of Commerce and Industry Federation (left)
    Hokkaido Chamber of Commerce and Industry Federation [Tuesday, November 14]
    Keiyoshi Iwata Presented from the President of the Hokkaido Chamber of Commerce and Industry Association (left)
  • Letter of thanks