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NEXCO EAST Group Is supporting the J Village Reconstruction Project

NEXCO EAST Group Then, we contributed 5 million yen to the "J Village Reconstruction Project" as a whole. On the implementation of this contribution, donation reception ceremony by Fukushima was held on Monday, April 9.

There used to be a soccer sanctuary on Hamadori, Fukushima Prefecture. This is J Village, which was established in 1997 as Japan's first football and national training center. There are 11 fields in the facility, and it has been used by the FIFA World Cup Japan National Team and more than 12,000 teams including training camps and competitions, but the situation has changed with the Great East Japan Earthquake. It will play a role as a convergence base for the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident, forcing a long-term suspension of operations.

Then, in 2015, four years after the accident, a reconstruction project by Fukushima started. Full-scale restoration work has begun with the aim of resuming part of this summer and full resumption next spring. Based on donations from companies that support this, it will be completed as a “new Shine J Village” that is larger than before, such as establishing the first full-size all-weather training area in Japan.

The donation acceptance formula, Tohoku Regional Head Office Matsuzaki Regional Head Office from the length to the Fukushima Prefecture Suzuki Vice Governor presentation of the inventory is carried out, from the deputy governor, Thank you for your donation of taking a "group. I will cherish used Thank you for the word of thanks.

The evacuation order area by the nuclear accident has been gradually released, but the full recovery by the return of the residents is still from now. I hope that this new J Village will be a symbol of the revival of the beach and that the former activities will return to the area. NEXCO EAST Group Then, we will continue to support the affected areas in order to accelerate recovery.

After the disaster, former J Village used as a nuclear accident convergence base such as parking lot and temporary dormitory
  • Photo courtesy: Fukushima Prefecture
Shinsei J Village Overall Image
Shinsei J Village Overall Image
Matsuzaki Regional Head Office length presentation of donations from (center left) Suzuki to Vice Governor (center right)