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Regarding participation in 'FESTING OF FES 2018 SUMMER'

On August 22 (Wednesday), the Mainichi Shimbun sponsored "Festival of Festival 2018 Summer" was held at the Science and Technology Museum (in Kitanomaru Park, Chiyoda-ku), and we continued to participate for the second time last year.

At our exhibition booth, we deepened our understanding using "quizzes and board games" about "work on Expressway ", and classes of 10 people × 5 times in total were packed every time.

Also, in a free space where children can participate freely, we conducted a hands-on lesson of hammering inspection using korokoro eye® (rotating hammering checker). Not only children but also parents also listened diligently to our explanation, surprised that things we did not know unexpectedly, etc. In the questionnaire after the end, "I understood the difficulty of NEXCO EAST I was able to hear such impressions.

We will continue providing educational support for children through introduction of Expressway projects and CSR activities.

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