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With everyone who supports people with disabilities and "one willing"
Takafuku (happiness) collaboration efforts

Feb. 20, 2019
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.

NEXCO EAST Group is, February 6 (water) Yamagata road Kushibiki PA ( In-bound in line), in cooperation with the people of Yamagata Prefecture, Tsuruoka city of welfare facility users, in accordance with the 3 consecutive holidays from February 9 Produced "Snow Lanterns".

This is what our Tsuruoka management office has been implementing since the year of Heisei 20 years. We are collaborating with Expressway and welfare to contribute to the revitalization of the community as opportunities for people with disabilities "Takafuku ( Happiness) collaboration "*.

On the day, together with the people of "Tsuruoka City Yuai Plaza Kataguruma" and "NPO corporation Inaho Workshop", 33 people gathered together and snow covered in a columnar shape with a height of about 2 meters was scooped and spatula etc. I made 3 shaved lanterns. I turned on an orange shining LED instead of a candle and decorated the "Traffic Safety" "Frog Frog" plate in front of the lantern.

From the facility I made, I was given the impression that "It was serious, but I made it with all my heart," "I am happy to be completed."

It would be greatly appreciated if customers visiting by combi PA could see the snow lanterns that they made with the people of the welfare facility and heal the tiredness of the journey even a little. We will continue to promote "Takafuku collaboration" initiatives.

  • We will arrange forces and shape them
    We will arrange forces and shape them
  • Three fine snow lanterns were completed
    Three fine snow lanterns were completed