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Participation in “Learning Festival 2019 Summer”

On August 21 (Wednesday), the Science Museum (Kitanomaru Park, Chiyoda-ku) hosted the Mainichi Shimbun “Learning Festival 2019 Summer”, and the Group participated for the third consecutive year.

The board game that was held last year was more crowded than last year, and I was able to hear a happy voice saying “I came back last year because it was fun.” The first attempt to create a pouch with processed recycling banners was so popular that parents would line up for a numbered ticket, and the increase in the participation of girls was a big harvest for us.

Many parents and children also participated in the hammering inspection experience using Korokoro eye® (rotary hammering inspection device), and not only children but also parents were interested in the experience of touching real inspection equipment. It looked like it was crazy.

In addition, as a participation award, baked confectionery manufactured at welfare facilities in Chiyoda Ward is distributed and deployed in various places. Expressway As a result of appealing for the “Kofuku Collaboration®” initiative, the welfare team showed high interest in such activities.

In the survey after the end, “I want to do it next year.” NEXCO EAST The staff was helpful. I was also able to hear your thoughts. In the future, Expressway We will provide educational support for children through business introductions and CSR activities.

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