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Donated emergency supplies to children's cafeteria

Jan. 28, 2020
East Japan Expressway Kanto Co., Ltd. Regional Head Office

On Thursday, December 12, 2019, the Kanto Regional Head Office donated the stockpiled disaster stockpile to the Saitama Children's Canteen Network, a food banking activity for children. The donated product was a set of alpha rice cookers, for a total of 750 servings.

This alpha rice was commonly used as a stockpile of disaster because rice can be eaten just by pouring hot or cold water. The Saitama Children's Cafeteria Network works effectively so that children can cook and eat by themselves by making effective use of such disaster stockpiles, so that they can use the donated alpha rice for their activities. It will be done.

Donated to "Child Canteen Network"

From Saito Road Control Center Director
Handing over to Saitama Children's Cafe Network Ikeda

Donated to "Child Canteen Network"

From Yamamoto Comprehensive Planning Division Deputy
Handing over to Saitama Children's Cafe Network Honma