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Challenging Ourselves and Making Rapid Progress to realize the Future Ideal State of NEXCO East
~ Group Long-Term Vision 2025 and Medium-Term Business Plan ~

Exterior ring road Misato South IC - Takatani JCT opening ceremony

Exterior ring road Misato South IC - Takatani JCT opening ceremony

Expressway renewal project

Expressway renewal project

Ken-O Road iris PA (up and down line intensive type)

Ken-O Road iris PA (up and down line intensive type)

Representative Director and Vice President Executive Officer Corporate Planning Headquarters General Manager Sogaki Gosui

Representative Director and Executive Vice President
Director of Corporate Strategy Division
Sakaki Seigou

NEXCO EAST Group has set forth the four-year period from fiscal 2017 to fiscal 2020 to realize the group long-term vision 2025 as "a period to challenge and realize the desired shape in the future," a medium-term management plan 2017 - 2020) "was established in 2017.

At present, in order to fulfill the social mission of the Group based on this mid-term management plan, the Group is committed to providing "safe, secure, comfortable and convenient Expressway services", "contribution to the local community and inbound / environmental conservation , "Promotion of technological development contributing to society", "Strengthening profitability of related businesses" and "Strengthening management capabilities of the entire group".

We will promote the plan together with the NEXCO EAST Group aiming to grow as a corporate group that contributes to all stakeholders by creating the "connecting" value stated in the Group management vision.

Group long-term vision 2025

In order to further enhance the corporate value of the group and continue to fulfill its mission, NEXCO EAST Group has summarized the figure that it wants to be in 2025, looking to 20 years after privatization, with "Group long-term vision 2025".

A company trusted by the people - Reliable

It is becoming a company that will serve as a sample of infrastructure operators pioneering initiatives for the realization of a sustainable society such as secure maintenance and management of aging Expressway with top priority on safety and security.

Companies required by customers - Required

We constantly pursue to provide maximum satisfaction with minimum cost and provide customers with new value incorporating information and communication technologies.

Companies that meet the expectations of local communities - Responsible

A strong relationship of trust with local communities has been established, Contribution to the local society utilizing Expressway network and assets, Continually doing various efforts leading to coexistence and prosperity with the local community.

Recognized companies from the international community ~ Recognized

In order to respond to the needs of the international community by utilizing high technology capabilities, we are building know-how in overseas trust and overseas project implementation.

Companies that employees feel rewarding - Rewarding

A corporate culture has been established that creates value to "connect" through business, which leads to the rewarding of employees.

(Formulated in May 2014)

Main achievement status of the previous medium-term management plan (fiscal 2014 - 2016)

24 hours a day, 365 days safe, secure, comfortable, convenient Expressway Provision of

· Secure rapid and steady road function in case of emergency or natural disaster
· Started the Expressway renewal project (large-scale update / repair project)
· Promote safety measures such as reverse running prevention measures
· Moriya SA made disaster prevention base, operation of Kanto Regional Head Office new road control center started
· Smooth introduction of new fee system in the metropolitan area
・ Pasar Moriya ( Out-bound ), opened two dramatic areas, etc.

Steady network maintenance ...... Open the next section (136 km in total)

· Joban way (Joban Tomioka IC ~ Minami Soma IC, Soma camp ~ Yamamoto IC): Joban way full tramp
· Central Area (Okegawa Kitamoto IC - Shirakaoka Iwaki IC, Kuki Shirahoka JCT - Tsukuba Central IC, Inashiki IC - Daiei JCT)