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【Road Management Operation Project】
Aspiring to Create Safer and More Comfortable "Best Ways"

Aspiring to Create Safer and More Comfortable "Best Ways"

Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer Management Executive General Manager Motohisa Endo

Managing Director and Executive Vice President
Director of Operation Division
Genichi Endo

The management division supports 24 hours 365 days of safety and security of the Expressway of 3,895 km in eastern Japan area. We are engaged in a variety of projects, such as day-to-day inspection and maintenance, traffic safety and fee-related work, enhancement of functions such as traffic congestion countermeasures, and Expressway renewal project to ensure soundness in the future. Also, in the event of a large-scale disaster, it is also an important mission of the Expressway company to secure an early transportation path that supports relief and recovery activities.

Furthermore, looking at changes in the working age population and the employment environment, improving efficiency and productivity is an urgent issue. We are focusing on realizing the next generation infrastructure comprehensive management system (SMH concept) utilizing the latest technologies such as ICT and AI and emphasizing mechanization and sophistication of snow and ice work from the characteristics of our company with many many snowy areas .

we NEXCO EAST Group Is customer-first, safety first, safe, secure, comfortable and convenient for the future Expressway We will pursue the provision of space.