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【Service Area Business】
For More Convenient and Comfortable Services

For More Convenient and Comfortable Services

取締役兼常務執行役員 サービスエリア事業本部長  萩原 隆一

Managing Director and Senior Executive Officer
Director of Service Area Business Division
Hagiwara Ryuichi​

In the service area business unit, Expressway 199 commercial facilities such as “Pasar” and “YASMOCCA” at the rest facilities (SA / PA) in Japan, as well as asset utilization business, etc. Expressway We are developing related businesses.

SA / PA systematically works on new establishments, expansion / renovations, and aging updates for customers to use them safely, securely, comfortably and conveniently. In addition, we aim to make further contributions to the region by promoting the creation of local show windows, developing menus for local production for local consumption, and developing walk-in gates. We will make SA / PA in response to

Expressway related business, we will proactively engage in various businesses effectively utilizing management resources such as under-elevated business and hotel business.