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【Service Area Business】
For More Convenient and Comfortable Services

For More Convenient and Comfortable Services

Director and Chief Executive Officer Service Area Business Headquarters Ryuichi Hagiwara

Managing Director and Senior Executive Officer
Director of Service Area Business Division
Ryuichi Hagiwara

In the service area business division, we are developing 197 commercial facilities including "Pasar (Pasar)" and "YASMOCCA (Yasmokka)" at Expressway resting facilities (SA · PA), and at Expressway such as asset utilization project We are developing related business.

In SA · PA, we are planning to newly establish, expand and renovate, and renew obsolete facilities so that customers can use it safely, securely, comfortably and conveniently. In addition to promoting regional show windows, developing local menu products for local consumption and disaster prevention, and improving the walk-in gate, we aim to further contribute to the region, as well as the development of duty free shops, multilanguage guidance of area concierge and multilingual description We will promote SA / PA compliant with inbound such as easy pictogram marking.

Expressway related business, we will proactively engage in various businesses effectively utilizing management resources such as under-elevated business and hotel business.