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【Role to fulfill social responsibility】
For Society and For Employees

For Society and For Employees

Mr. Arakawa Mr. Director and Managing Executive Officer General Manager / Accounting Headquarters

Managing Director and Senior Executive Officer
Director of General Affairs & Accounting Division
Makoto Arakawa

Unless we face the challenges such as compliance and workplace environment from the front, companies are no longer able to survive.

NEXCO EAST Group "E-Shokuba Creation Campaign", which we are working on from 2016, aims to create a workplace environment that is easy to work with, proposing diverse work styles and reforming employee awareness. Working ways Reform is required of companies Today, we believe that each and every employee can think and act in vigor and work business activities that respond to the needs of society.

In addition, we value the communication with all stakeholders, such as internal control, accounting administration, financial management, public relations, CSR and other activities that support our business activities, making it efficient and appropriate, I will continue my aim.