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【Feature 03】
Approach to inbound on Expressway

NEXCO EAST we are promoting efforts to inbound on Expressway as a response to foreign travelers at the time of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and the number of foreign visitors to Japan visiting Japan for sightseeing, business, etc.

Introduction and promotion of Expressway numbering

Based on the proposal for the realization of Expressway numbering (October 24, 2016), we promoted the introduction of Expressway numbering to the JCT · IC exit sign on the Expressway and the city guide sign around the main airport / sightseeing area , We are aiming at the approximation by 2020.

Tohoku Expressway Out-bound Line Kuki Shiraoka JCT

External annulus road around Keiyo JCT * Opened June 2, 2018

Types of Expressway numbering compliant signs

JCT Information Sign

JCT Information Sign

Tohoku Expressway Out-bound Line Anshiro JCT

Confirmation sign

Confirmation sign

Doo Road Out-bound Line Fukagawa JCT

City guide sign

City guide sign

Iwatsuki IC, Tohoku Expressway

Route confirmation signboard

Route confirmation signboard

Japan Sea Tohoku Expressway

Inbound excursion pass

In response to the recent increase in foreign travelers, Expressway In cooperation with a car rental company, we sell fixed-price products for foreign visitors to Japan so that you can visit various places using.

Inbound excursion pass

Development of duty-free shops

We established tax exemption counters in the shopping corner and we are selling duty-free sales mainly to high-end products such as foods to visitors from foreign countries. In September 2015, we began sales at Daiei PA (Upper and Lower) of Higashi Kanto Road, and now we are deploying at SA · PA of 17 locations *. In the future we will continue to develop for further Large of the number of stores.
※ As of July 1, 2018

Duty-free sale ( Joban Expressway Tomobu SA ( In-bound line))

Multilingual information on information

We provide multilingual information such as surrounding facilities using tablet terminals to improve convenience for foreign visitors to Japan. In addition, we acquired "Foreign tourist information office certification (category 1)" approved by the Japanese government tourism bureau for all information, and in order to make it easier for foreign visitors to use the Expressway comfortably and conveniently in the future, We will strive to improve our services.

Foreign tourist information office certification

Multilingual guide using tablet terminal

Pictogram · Multilingualization

In order to make it easier for foreign visitors to Japan to arrange the arrangement of SA and PA facilities such as toilets, we will inform you by international symbol marks with multiple languages ​​together and pictograms according to JIS standards.

Pictogram marking ( Keiyo Road Keiyo Shiba PA ( Out-bound line))