Third-party opinion on CSR report

We received your comments regarding this report 2019.

Photograph by Junichi Mizuo, Senior Researcher, Business Ethics Research Center, Vice Chairman, Japan Society for Business Ethics, Professor Emeritus, Surugadai University, Ph.D.
Business Ethics Research Center
Chief Researcher, Vice Chairman, Japan Society for Business Ethics
Professor Emeritus and Doctor of Business Administration, Surugadai University
Mizuo Junichi

Points that can be highly evaluated

First, as part of our CSR activities through our business activities, our efforts to "connect the regions and connect with each other" are disclosed through feature articles.

The company's three main CSR policies are "revitalization of local communities," "promotion of traffic safety," and "environmental conservation." To achieve these goals, we are actively engaged in activities that are “connecting regions” through the Expressway network, such as disaster response and reconstruction support, with an awareness of “connecting ties” with the local community. In addition, you can understand well the long-term maintenance of Expressway, the maintenance and enhancement of network networks, various innovation initiatives by introducing SMH, and "sustainability" initiatives such as global environment conservation.

As a global trend, and in Japan as well, expectations are rising for the achievement of SDGs through the realization of Society 5.0 by the Japan Business Federation. You can fully understand that the group's efforts to connect and connect with each other are contributing to society.

Second, based on the philosophy of "Sankata Yoshi," we often disclose how we walk with society.

The company business activities of the Expressway users of, Expressway such as suppliers that go both support and develop the network, customer satisfaction as a "buyer good" (CS: Customer Satisfaction) by have been supported. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to the local community is also linked to "good for society", which is the satisfaction of society as a whole, and leads to a sense of security and trust in the company. In addition, the "E-Shokuba-making movement" that makes you feel "rewarding" and "satisfaction" is also excellent as a "practical model of work style reform," and is a "seller-friendly" that enhances employee satisfaction (ES). It has led to efforts. If these activities are integrated, the acronym can be taken and expressed as "Sankata good management by ECSR (ES + CS + CSR)." However, the company's report fully discloses that activity. And can be described as an advanced initiative.

Expectations for future development: We look forward to holding a "meeting / listening / talking" meeting between management and the workplace.

Since all employees play a leading role in the practice of ECSR, we believe that dialogue between management and employees is important. Many executives, who are management members, "see (view) the site, listen to the voices of the staff (listen), and talk to each other (talk)" to understand and convince the three-way good management by ECSR. Thinks that a sense of unity in the organization will also be fostered. We sincerely hope that by institutionalizing and implementing “<view / listening / talk> meetings” between the management and the workplace on a company-wide basis, innovation through CSR will be born and lead to sustainable development.

Photo by Yasuo Suzuki, General Manager, Public Relations and CSR Department, NEXCO EAST
Public Relations / CSR
Suzuki Yasuo

We would like to thank you for your valuable opinions and appreciation for the NEXCO EAST Report 2019. NEXCO EAST Group 's various initiatives based on the CSR keyword "connecting and connecting with the community" are synergistic with society, customers, and stakeholders including employees. I have reconfirmed that it is creating a virtuous cycle. I would like to encourage each and every one of our group's businesses.

In addition, we received an important perspective of "enhancing communication" to further develop and strengthen this cycle, and we will utilize it in future CSR activities.